Performance wins

After learning about the numerous benefits of the Först ST6P, The Tree Feller Ltd has invested in its first Först woodchipper for its growing fleet.
The tree surgery business, which has been established in the North London and Hertfordshire area for almost a decade, offers a first-class service for both private homes and commercial properties, as well as local authorities and schools. The business comprises of two managing directors alongside four members of staff, who carry out tree surgery work through to general garden maintenance.
Charles Fowler, Managing Director of The Tree Feller Ltd, said: “There are many reasons as to why we took the decision to invest in a Först machine, and we’re really glad that we chose to do so.
“One of the main factors behind the decision to purchase a Först machine was because the team and I were so impressed by the throw of the chippings, which is considerably superior in comparison to any other machines we have used in the past. We’ve always been faced with the problems of clogging and having to shovel wet conifer towards the back of the van, but the Först ST6P comes with an open top flywheel system with large gusseted fraught fins at the rear, combatting the cause of blockages and firing it to the back of the van, subsequently allowing the team more time to focus on the job at hand.
“As well, the level of control we’re able to have over the roller speed and also the size of the woodchip is seriously impressive, considering the compact size of the machine. The one touch operating buttons are also much more user friendly as they’re located on both sides of the hopper. The fact that you can lock the hopper down makes it more secure too – it really is a great piece of machinery that offers everything you could ask for from a robust woodchipper. In addition, the machine is powered by petrol, meaning lower emissions and cleaner burning, which is a nice added benefit.”
Going forward, The Tree Feller can only see a growing and developing relationship with Först.
Charles concluded: “When we initially purchased the ST6P, we only used it on basic tree reduction and garden clearances, but after being so impressed with the performance of the machine, we now use it for the bigger jobs as this machine handles anything we throw at it.”

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