Tractor investment

With the imminent opening of its new stadium in North London, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club continues to invest in its world-class training centre with the recent purchase of additional attachments for its Ventrac 4500 compact tractor. Darren Baldwin, Head of Playing Surfaces and Estates at the club, has taken delivery of two Ventrac Power Brooms for maintaining the pathways, car parking areas and synthetic pitches around the 77-acre training facility.
Commenting on the new equipment, he said: “These brooms are excellent. They simply blitz any moss on our tarmac pathways, remove moss, weeds and leaves from the block-paved areas and we use one on synthetic grass pitches. The height adjustment is simple and quick and it gets the debris out, where other brushes have failed.
“Our second broom has more flexible and less aggressive bristles and this is used on the synthetics; it helps us relieve the compaction of the rubber crumb infill and is an integral part of our synthetic turf maintenance programme. Like our mower attachments and trencher, the brooms are quick and easy to change and when not in use they are free-standing, which also helps with the yard management of our equipment. Once you have a Ventrac tractor unit, you just keep on finding more things that it can do; it’s certainly a versatile piece of equipment.”
The Power Brooms can be hydraulically angled left or right and lifted up or down from the seat of the tractor. An electric actuator also allows the operator to adjust the speed and direction of the broom rotation, maximizing its effectiveness. A self-leveling feature keeps the broom horizontal at all times, and the nylon bristle broom cores can be changed in just a few minutes.
With the completion of new 45-bedroom Lodge and the landscaping of a helicopter landing area, Darren and his team are now in the process of a major pitch renovation programme, especially around the areas which the construction company used as a compound for their vehicles and equipment. And he has the small task of overseeing the installation of the unique playing surface at the new stadium!

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