Our top new products SALTEX 2019 revealed

David Curtis chooses his top new products from SALTEX 2019 for The Landscaper Magazine

1.  Allett Uplift 86E 

Top New products SALTEX 2019
Allett Uplift 86E 

A new 82V li-ion battery powered stadium rotary mower, designed for debris collection, featuring twin contra rotating blades for a high lift cut and vacuum for increased efficiency. Cutting width is 86cm (34”) with single point, robust and effortless height of cut adjustment between 20mm –50mm.

Power source is an 82V battery system, which features four quick change battery docking stations and the mower can use any number of batteries from one to four.  Batteries charged in 1.5 hours and connect to a phone app via Bluetooth enabling the operator to check battery life, battery temperature and even the batteries’ location. There are three brushless motors for maximum efficiency and reliability, two powering the blades and one powering the rear roller. 

2. Armorgard StrimmerSafe

Top New products SALTEX 2019
Armorgard StrimmerSafe

The Armorgard StrimmerSafe Rack upright storage system the ultimate protection for what are the most commonly stolen power tools.

The multi-purpose rack keeps brush cutters, hedge cutters and chainsaws under high security with twin 5-lever deadlocks. The rack can be bolted to a wall for additional security. 

With hardened steel plates and anti-jemmy features the rack is virtually impossible to break into.

3. ECHO PB-8010 Power Blower

Top New products SALTEX 2019
Echo Power Blower

The PB-8010 is part of the ECHO X Series “Best in Class” range. Its 79.9cc two-stroke engine produces an air volume of 1818m3/h, an airspeed of 94.5m/sec (211mph) and an industry-leading blowing force of 44N for better performance and increased productivity. 

Dry weight is 11.2kg, made possible by the innovative lightweight carbon fibre frame and fan case. 

Quickly clears quantities of wet leaves and debris across large areas. Other key features include the cruise-control throttle, ventilated backpack pad, anti-vibration system and heavy-duty backstraps as well as a heavy-duty air filter, which sits at the top of the unit, protecting the engine from dust and debris in the harshest conditions.

4. EGO Power+ 45cm Chain Saw

Top New products SALTEX 2019
EGO Power+ 45cm Chain Saw

A re-imagined chain tensioning system tightens the chain with the twist of a dial, with no need to take anything apart to get the chain set properly. This saw features an aggressive 45cm bar and chain for taking down large branches, stumps and tall trees. The bright LED headlights illuminate the cut when cutting at dusk or in an emergency and there is no access to lights.

The auto-tensioning eliminates the risk of manually setting the tension to be either too tight or too loose. No no need to take anything apart, simply twist the dial and the tension is perfect.
www. egopowerplus.co.uk

5. King Feeders mobile screener 

Top New products SALTEX 2019
King Feeders mobile screener 

The new Ecogreen compact mobile screener can be legally towed behind a typical 4×4 pick-up, or similar vehicle, with a 3.5 tonne capacity. It can be built to be trailer loaded, or it can be trailed with its own axle and draw bar. The innovative design offers the option of standard legs, where it can be easily moved by a fork-lift, or the screener can be supplied with hydraulic legs. 

The machine offers a simple, reliable and economic solution to a wide range of requirements, with a quick release screening drum and choice of meshes.

It is easily driven by the PTO of a small compact tractor and it’s also available with diesel or electric drive. The hopper comes with a steel feed conveyor, so there is no need for the continual adjustment required with a rubber belt. 

6. Rigby Taylor Remediact

Top New products SALTEX 2019
Rigby Taylor Remediact

A concentrated microbial bio-remedial, hydrocarbon agent for mitigating and remediating the damage caused by fuel or oil spills on turf and soil. 

This product contains no solvents, is non-hazardous, non-inflammable, non-corrosive and non-caustic. The product is pH neutral, biodegradable and sustainable. Under CLP regulations, Liquid RT Remediact is not classified as hazardous and is available in an economical one litre bottle.

Apply as a spray to the contaminated areas as soon as possible after spillage has been noticed at the rate of 100mls per litre of water to treat 10 sq. metres. The solution will start to breakdown and remediate hydrocarbons, inert gases and heat immediately after application. 

7. Scag’s V-Ride 32 Stand on Mower

Top New products SALTEX 2019
2020 V-Ride 32 version.

This stand-on compact machine offers ease of manoeuvre and clear view for the operator – ideal for intricate mowing areas.

Because they are purpose-built for grass cutting, the Ride-On SCAG machines place the operator directly above the cutting deck. Onethe main features on the new V-Ride is that the revised configuration of the stand-on deck follows the same concept, placing the operator nearer the centre of the machine.

The machines are available through the STM dealership network. 

8. Weedingtech Foamstream

Top New products SALTEX 2019

Foamstream is the leading herbicide-free alternative used across the world for effective weed, moss and algae control. This ecologically safe, simple, patented process works by killing unwanted vegetation using heat delivered by near-boiling water, insulated by a biodegradable foam made from natural plant oils and sugars. 

Perfect for organisations, such as municipalities, green space contractors, utility companies and educational establishments, looking to reduce or remove use of glyphosate from weed control operations as the best alternative to herbicides. 

The solution is 99.5% water and 0.5% foam blend. The foam is the key element of the process as this provides an insulating blanket over the plant, holding the heat from the hot water in the desired kill-zone (57˚C and above) for longer than any other alternative thermal method. 

Foamstream provides effective heat transfer from leaf to root, sufficiently damaging the plant and causing it to die back. In addition, the treatment also sterilises any surrounding seeds and spores. No ongoing operator certification, training or specialist PPE is required.  The process is safe around people, animals, water and delicate environments.

Foamstream is also multi-functional and while can be used to control vegetation it can also be used across departments as a cleaning solution for gum removal, power washing and sanitisation. 

For further details visit Weedingtech.com

9.  Wessex International: PolarOne

Top New products SALTEX 2019
Polar One from Wessex International

PolarOne is made using stainless steel components and fixings together with powder coating for anti-corrosion longevity. Durability and weight saving are also the thinking behind the self-supporting design of the polypropylene hopper and integral liquid brine tank. 

PolarOne can be trailer or vehicle-mounted. There are two models, the WS-900 (900L) and WS-1200 (1200L) and each has three options. 

  • Model ST is a manually operated machine for those who just want a basic spreader, no speed control or data logging. 
  • Model GT has all the functions of the standard machine but with the addition of GPS speed control. The system monitors changes in forward speed and spread widths to ensure precise application and minimal material wastage, for increased profitability.
  • The Commander has all the above with the addition of full telematics to remotely monitor the salt spreader back at base. 

The spreader is suited to a wide variety of vehicles with its adjustable spinner height coupled with a convenient fold up feature. The spread direction is easily adjusted to bias from left to right by moving the feed chute position and there’s a safety emergency stop. 

PolarOne’s extended auger design allows better weight distribution in the host vehicle and the large diameter auger, with delivery tunnel, manages the spreading of a large range of materials without blockages or leakage.

10.  INFINICUT SM34 Mower 

Top New products SALTEX 2019
The Infinicut team with the SM34

This mower can mow in the traditional sense or be used as a stand-alone vacuum. In cut mode, the incorporation of both a front roller and rear traction roller means the SM34 delivers unsurpassed cut quality and a striping. 

The premium-grade, high carbon steel blades offer extended life and comes pre-balanced to exhibit less vibration, while the 34” cutting width combines the units lightweight design with better productivity. 

The technological advancements made with the SM34 saw it crowned the winner of the SALTEX 2019 Innovation Award.  The judges explained how it has ‘taken the rotary mower as we know it into the 21st century’ – ticking the environmental box and utilising ‘the InfiniApp’ which makes deck height adjustment simple. 

The ‘introduction of a revolutionary side collector’ also impressed, giving the operator a more comfortable and practical working position.

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