Circumnavigation: The 24,900 mile HAYTER MOWER !

Where professional landscapers are concerned, a Hayter mower can be used day in and day out on a variety of turfs from small gardens to large estates, achieving outstanding results. Nick Barban of Lawn & Border is a RHS-qualified landscaper, mostly dealing in commercial estates, and has been using Hayter products since his business began back in 2002.
This May, Barban will reach a landmark milestone – mowing the circumference of the earth with his Hayter mower. Using a pedometer, he was able to calculate his average pace of 3mph and then work out the figures based on a five-day working week, throughout 10 months of mowing per year. By the end of this spring, Barban will have mowed a total of 24,900 miles, which is equivalent to the circumference of the earth.
Barban first started working as a landscaper 16 years ago, and started off using a second-hand Harrier 48. He commented: “I’ve always trusted Hayter mowers due to their durability and quality of cut. I’m currently using a Harrier 48 Pro and I was quite amazed to find out how much I’ve mowed over the years. I have to say that the Hayter Harrier range has been the ideal choice for my work.”
Sourcing Hayter products from his local dealer in Purley, Cornell and Varley, Barban has opted for the Harrier 48 range throughout the years due to the size and efficiency.
“The 48 is big enough to deal with the bigger lawns, but not too heavy to deal with the smaller lawns where access is a problem. This is great for the nature of my work as landscapes tend to vary in both size and terrain. The mower also fits perfectly inside my van.”
Christopher Cooper, product marketing manager at Hayter said: “We’d like to congratulate Nick on his efforts and it’s fantastic to see how passionate he is about his work. We’re delighted to see that Nick has always chosen Hayter as his preferred brand to work with and we wish him all the best with his business in the future.”
After achieving his milestone goal of mowing round the world, Barban hopes to invest in a brand new Harrier 48 Pro.
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