Ecoplug Max: Tree stump control – Opportunities for contractors

Contractors are reaping the benefits of a new formulation for Monsanto’s Ecoplug Max, now fully available from distributors.
Ecoplug Max is a patented tree stump control application method, originally developed in Sweden to deliver more efficient forestry clearance. 
The  plug acts as a delivery device for glyphosate into the tree or stump. Each plug contains 283mg of granular glyphosate which   is translocated through the stump and down to the roots preventing new growth sprouting and leaving the stump to gradually rot away.
The unique design eliminates the risk of chemical spillage, and the application method reduces the risk of chemicals getting into water or potential overdosing. 
With its new formulation, identified by MAPP 17581, Ecoplug Max is authorised by the Chemicals Regulation Division, (CRD), ‘for use in all situations, (stump).’
It can be used on tree stumps in forests or amenity vegetation and on land immediately adjacent to aquatic areas as well as stumps within the aquatic zones of rivers or lakes described by CRD as Open and Enclosed waters.
Under an Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU) in standing trees, Ecoplug Max may also be used where felling is not possible, by inserting plugs from the side of standing trees and leaving them in situ. 
Plugs are used in a similar method to stump control applications, but should be inserted from the side of the tree, evenly spaced around the trunk just above ground level.
Monsanto Technical Support Manager Manda Sansom comments: “The new formulation opens up a wider range of applications, giving land managers the opportunity to benefit from glyphosate’s efficiency in clearing trees in a convenient, clean and operator-friendly system.” 
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