Tracmaster New lawn scarifier attachment

Tracmaster  has announced  the newest addition to their expanding CAMON range of equipment – the CAMON BC65
Lawn Scarifier Attachment – a 65cm wide scarifier to fit the BCS Two Wheel Tractors and Rotavators. The CAMON BC65 includes many of the same features that have helped to make the CAMON LS42
Lawn Scarifier the preferred choice for lawncare specialists and landscape gardeners across the UK. These include free-swinging “waisted” blades in a staggered layout to provide maximum coverage,  fine blade height adjustment for all types of lawns, and interchangeable lawn rake and lawn slitter  cartridges.
Alex Pitt, Managing Director of Tracmaster told The Landscaper  “This new Scarifier is the perfect fit for our CAMON range. Having manufactured lawn scarifiers for over 25 years, the logical next step was to use our expertise to make a model to fit the BCS power units.”
John Bates, Tracmaster’s Sales Director, continued, “We’ve had a lot of interest in the BCS65 from BCS owners in the UK, and from BCS distributors across the world – in fact we’ve already shipped a number of units to BCS in the USA.”
The CAMON BC65 is suitable for the BCS Two Wheel Tractors and rotavators from the model 738
upwards. The Scarifier features 48 free-swinging “waisted” blades, a full-width front roller for even scarification, and a floating PTO swivel joint for uneven ground conditions.

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