What to see at BTME 2022 – irrigation products

Kar UK and Rainbird showcase latest irrigation products at BTME 2022

KAR UK & Hunter Industries: Red Zone | Stand 228 
KAR UK has revealed its delight at the recently announced partnership between Hunter Industries and POGO and is looking forward to revealing more details at BTME 2022.
Hunter Industries has joined forces with turfgrass technology solutions leader POGO to bring new sensor and visual insight integrations to the best-in-class Hunter Pilot Network.
Hunter’s robust irrigation control system effectively balances watering demands with flow capacities to determine the most efficient watering cycles possible. Best of all, the highly intuitive software is fully customisable according to the daily irrigation management needs of the turf.
KAR UK, the leading wholesaler of irrigation equipment in the UK and an integral distributor of Hunter Industries irrigation equipment, has welcomed the news according to UK Sales Manager, Mike McDonnell.
“The new partnership signals exciting times and will help turf managers to make smart irrigation decisions that will ultimately result in healthier and better-quality turf,” he says.
Rain Bird: Blue Zone | Stand 132
At BTME 2022, Rain Bird Landscape and Sports Turf irrigation is showcasing its new IQ4 software and the new ESP-LXIVM Pro Controller at this year’s BTME.
Dryrun is the latest addition to the IQ4 Central Irrigation Control Platform. Users can see in advance what performance to expect from an irrigation system. Its visualisation capability takes away the need for painstaking manual recalculation of irrigation schedules and programs. It offers major benefits for professionals involved with more complex systems, typically larger commercial applications or sports turf installations, where multiple programs and large numbers of sprinklers are involved. Users can see immediately the effect of making adjustments to irrigation times, watering delays and switching stations on or off.
The ESP-LX IVM Pro works with IVM Sol smart solenoids for real time two way communication. It has a 40 program capability, the capacity to host 240 stations and can open 16 of them simultaneously. The controller can also be connected to the internet for remote control, programming and automatic dynamic weather adjustments.
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