What to see at BTME 2022 | Aeration, scarifiers and seeders

For outstanding appearance a sports pitch needs a complete assortment of maintenance machinery. Here are some current tools on the market that will be showcased at BTME 2022.

Redexim: Purple Zone | Stand 431

BTME 2022
The Verti-Drain 2519 has proven its credentials as the ultimate in versatile, precision aeration.

Recently rebranded, Redexim and its technical team will be on hand to discuss some of the iconic machines from across their extensive portfolio – including the high-speed Verti-Drain 2519 and Redexim Multiseeder.
Thanks to its 1.9m working width and ability to accept a range of tine options, the Verti-Drain 2519 has proven its credentials as the ultimate in versatile, precision aeration. Re-engineered to include a new draw-rod system and an easy-to-adjust heave lever, the 2519 offers a PTO speed of up to 540rpm – allowing it to cover almost 9000 sq.m per hour when spaced at 165mm. This high-productivity output has made it a popular choice with greenkeepers and grounds managers alike since it was officially launched at BTME two years ago.
Also on the stand, and making its debut in Redexim red, will be the Multiseeder. The Multiseeder is perfectly suited for work on both fine turf and amenity areas and has gained a reputation for being one of the most accurate dimple seeders on the market. Two spiked rollers saturate the ground with up to 1890 holes per sq.m, creating the perfect dimple in which to deliver the seed, brushed into the hole by a rear-mounted brush to ensure not just optimal soil contact but a clean and tidy finish. The ability to have the rollers fixed or floating means the Multiseeder takes undulating surfaces easily in its stride, and with three working widths of up to 2.1m, there’s a model to suit most applications.
With machines spanning aeration, topdressing, overseeding, brushing and synthetic maintenance to name but a few, the Redexim team look forward to answering any technical questions for visitors to the stand.

GKB Machines: Purple Zone | Stand 406 


BTME 2022
GKB Deep Tine Aerator (DTA), Sandfiller and Combiseeder

GKB Machines are set to return to BTME in 2022 with a showcase of equipment for all seasons.  Whether its aeration, scarification or overseeding on the agenda, solutions will be on show in the form of the Deep Tine Aerator (DTA), Sandfiller and Combiseeder – with the GKB Technical Team on hand to discuss these products and many more from their innovative golf and sports turf portfolio.
The GKB Deep Tine Aerator efficiently and effectively aerates the ground down to depths of up to 400mm (16”) for optimal air and moisture movement. Four working widths are available between 1.2m and 2.6m, meaning there’s a model to suit most applications in and around the golf course and beyond. Quickly building a reputation for its build quality, the unique tine mounting system on the DTA allows for more tines per head and improves both the speed and efficiency when changing between sets.
As the seasons change and thoughts move from moisture management to spring renovations, the Sandfiller will prove its worth as the true multi-tasker. It scarifies the surface down to depths of up to 40mm, removing organic matter and creating channels which are simultaneously filled with sand or a combination of sand and seed – maximising efficiency and improving drainage and ground firmness in one single pass.
If a dedicated unit is required that is capable of both seeding and overseeding, then the Combiseeder provides an accurate solution. The tried and trusted combination of two spiked rollers and two brushes create the optimal number of holes in the ground, allowing for precise seed distribution and maximised conditions for germination. With smaller models in the range ideal for work on golf greens, the Combiseeder is available in four working widths up to 2.4m making it a machine suited for greenkeepers, grounds managers and contractors alike.

Groundsman Industries: Red Zone |Stand 240

BTME 2022Established in 1990, Groundsman Industries based in Northern Ireland specialise in the design and manufature of turf/sod cutters, turf aerators, core and linear aeration soil collectors distributing around the world.
Groundsman two and four-wheel drive Turf/Sod Multi Cutter range deliver exceptional sod-cutting ability in all conditions. These versatile machines can be fitted with sod blades 30cm to 60cm wide cutting 1cm to 7cm thick plus Trench, De-compaction and Mole-drain blades to 13cm depth. A guillotine attachment is available to measure and cut the turf to length.
Groundsman Pedestrian and Tractor Mounting Aerators 45cm to 180cm wide all use Groundsman’s proven Elliptical Plunge Action mechanism for aeration to 15cm deep. Quick-change Tine Holders for Solid, Hollow and Chisel Tines plus Cluster Heads for dense pattern aeration and seeding.
Groundsman Flexblade Collectors 0.8m to 2.3m wide for Aerator Attachment to Core and Collect as well as Compact Tractor Mounting for Follow-up Collection of Cores and Linear Aeration Soil.

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