What to see at BTME 2022 – seeds, fertlizers and plant nutrition

Here are just some of the exhibitors at BTME 2020 showcasing the latest in seeds, fertilizers and plant nutrition 

ICL: Purple Zone | Stand 426

ICL is looking forward to welcoming visitors to its interactive stand at BTME 2022, where the team will be talking all things turf and providing an exclusive look at an exciting new product for the golf market – a new organic based fertiliser.
Gronamic Golf 6-2-4 is a unique blend of credible and sustainable ingredients to provide a natural turf response and is the latest product to be added to the Gronamic range.
The organic content of Gronamic 6-2-4 is 100% plant based and is formulated as a fine granule. It contains:
SeaMax, the sustainably sourced seaweed concentrate that has been shown in trials to improve turf colour, turf quality, root development and stress tolerance.
Struvite, a recycled blend of magnesium, ammonium and phosphate that is collected from wastewater, is another sustainable component that provides real turfgrass benefits.
Polyhalite, which is exclusively mined by ICL ensures that essential macronutrients are available to maintain healthy turf and reduces the possibility of nutrient deficiency.
Visitors to the ICL stand will have the opportunity to gain expert advice on granulation, water soluble fertiliser and surfactant technologies.
DLF Seeds: Red Zone | Stand 270

BTME 2022
DLF have been leading the field with a screening programme for Brown Patch

DLF Seeds pride themselves on consistently improving and setting the standard for grass seed excellence, and their mixtures for 2022 will be no different. A visit to their stand will showcase new sustainable and environmental solutions that will change the way that professional turf managers will tackle some of today’s biggest challenges.
The shift in weather patterns combined with changing management models of maintenance and plant nutrition are largely believed to be the triggers for an increase in the occurrence of some turf diseases, particularly the rise in reported instances of Brown Patch. Over the last two years, and utilising their global research network, DLF have been leading the field with a screening programme for Brown Patch which has identified the tolerance of DLF’s 4Turf® varieties.
The results of the study have therefore formed the foundation of a number of new formulations across the Johnsons Sports Seed fine turf and sports turf ranges – including J Premier 4Turf – a brand new mixture for 2022 which will be the first of its kind to offer proven Brown Patch tolerance for winter sports pitches. For golf, a number of popular mixtures have been reformulated including J Fairway which features the new salt tolerant Esparina chewings fescue and J Rye Fairway which has been updated to include the new highly rated, perennial ryegrass Aniston.

HEAD: MM seeds: Red Zone | Stand 270

Now part of DLF UK, MM seeds and mixtures benefit from access to the full DLF breeding and research programme.

BTME will see the launch of the new MM Supreme Ryegreen mix which will offer golf course managers a 100% Ryegrass mixture for use on greens and fineturf areas. This unique new mixture benefits from the inclusion of Singapore Perennial Ryegrass, which is extremely fine leaved with good shoot density along with high disease and wear tolerance. Furthermore, MM Supreme Ryegreen bring the main benefits of Perennial Ryegrass – fast establishment and wear tolerance in close-mow situations.

For golf greens MM9 – a three-way Browntop bent mixture continues to be a leading mixture for renovations and species exchange. For links style courses and sustainable golf, MM8 offers a great option – a three-way fescue mix with excellent disease resistance, drought tolerance and minimal fertiliser requirements gives course managers a fine, dense sward, MM Coastal is great option to MM 8 where salt spray is in issue, the 100% Slender Creeping Red Fescue mix provides excellent salt tolerance for golf greens and also tees and fairways.

For a mixture ideal for tees and fairways, the 100% Ryegrass MM50 is a consideration. It is capable of rapid establishment and fast recovery from divot scarring plus high wear tolerance and has extremely fine appearance. For links style fairways where damage and wear are lower, MM12 or MM13, are both well suited to this challenging environment as they are drought tolerant and have low maintenance requirements.

Visitors to the stand can also find out more about DLF Pro Flora and Colour Boost range Wildflower mixtures.

Headland Amenity: Purple Zone | Stand 424

Understanding how carefully managed moisture levels can play a significant role in the reduction of some common turf diseases, Headland Amenity will be shining a spotlight on their range of water management products – including TeraFirm, DewCure and TriCure AD – at BTME 2022. The Headland technical team will be on hand to discuss this, alongside their full range of plant nutrition products for golf and sports turf on the Origin Amenity Solutions stand.

Maintaining optimum water-soil balance in both wet and dry periods of the season is a key principle in the overall approach to retaining plant health. Terafirm is a soil penetrant formulated to improve the downward movement of water through the soil, helping to achieve a faster-draining, firmer and healthier surface. Its unique non-phytoxic formulation reduces the surface tension of water, minimising lateral water movement and maximising drainage. Terafirm also acts to quicken surface drying and open up pore space within the soil during dry down by accelerating natural soil contraction.

Through the formation of a water-resistant, rainfast coating on the plants surface, Headland’s DewCure™ has also demonstrated considerable success in reducing leaf surface moisture. With the activity of damaging foliar diseases like Microdochium nivale and Dollar Spot positively linked with conditions conducive to high leaf moisture, utilising DewCure™ to control dew and guttation fluid can help to suppress disease activity.

Looking further ahead, TriCure AD is known as a highly effective wetting agent used to combat hydrophobic conditions on fine turf. With application rates adjustable to conditions, expectations and soil types, TriCure AD contains three separate soil surfactant technologies to counteract hydrophobicity on sand, soil and organic matter. As well as being effective in the recovery of drought damaged areas, TriCure AD is also a valuable tank-mix partner for a number of other Headland products.

Head: Suståne: Purple Zone | Stand 430

A particular product of interest for Greenkeepers stopping by at Suståne stand this year will be Suståne’s BOLSTER® Liquid. It is a research-backed bio-stimulant, proven to help reduce both abiotic and biotic plant stress. Its balanced formulation, including 5% Iron Chelate, 4% Humic Acid and 2% Seaweed Extract, is suited to a range of applications and has been shown to optimise conditions for seedling and turf establishment. By encouraging root growth and accelerating chlorophyll production, the plant is better prepared to cope with stress factors such as drought, adverse temperatures, parasitic nematodes and some turf diseases.
Also targeted at aiding the plant through periods of stress, particularly greens and tee maintenance or renovations, is Suståne Turf Revival® 6-2-4. Turf Revival® contains Suståne’s unique organic compost base – rich in humus and beneficial microbes – together with water soluble and slow-release sources of Nitrogen to enhance plant recovery without stimulating excessive yield. Ideal as a base granular feed for spring, it produces a quick green-up followed by six to eight weeks of uniform growth and long-lasting colour.BTME 2022
Another product of note, particularly if a wet spring is on the cards, is Soil ReGen®. Soil ReGen® is a soil conditioner that amends the soil to reduce compaction – increasing water, air and nutrient filtration rates. Proven to improve permeability and establishment of seedlings in existing soils, ReGen® also comes into its own during construction and reclamation projects, to supply organic-rich nutrients to disturbed or depleted ground.
Lantra/Hozelock-Exel sprayers: Blue Zone | Stand 168
A new initiative between leading land-based training body Lantra and sprayer specialists Hozelock-Exel aims to raise operator awareness of the mechanics of knapsack sprayers to improve performance and longevity of equipment.
Raising operator awareness of the importance of sprayer maintenance is a key priority for both Lantra and Hozelock-Exel in what is a drive to reverse the throwaway culture endemic in the industry.  
Units available to trainers include the Berthoud 16l capacity Vermorel 2000 Comfort, the 20l Cooper Pegler CP3 Evolution and giant telescopic lances, particularly helpful for arb applications.
David Fisher, Lantra Head of Industry Partnerships, says: “It’s only by working closely with industry experts, including manufacturers like Hozelock, that Lantra is able keep in touch with current industry requirements and trends and tailor our training appropriately. 
Continuing the theme, Hozelock UK National Account Manager Allan Wainwright adds: “Sprayer lifetimes can be considerably extended by operators ensuring they complete checks regularly, especially before storing sprayers for winter and preparing them for work in spring. 
Lantra instructor Doug Price commented: “As a freelance instructor, 
constantly moving from place to place, I can feel a bit isolated. But the background support I receive by being part of the Lantra team makes me feel less of a `lone wolf`.”

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