Power blower to tackle ground debris

SCAG Power Equipment, US manufacturers of commercial riding, stand-on and walk-behind lawn mowers and power blowers has recently unveiled a new addition to its family. The Windstorm is from The “V-Ride” range of stand-on machines.

Supplied in the UK by STM machinery, this machine is an addition to the SCAG Debris Management range, and is a 37HP stand-on driving unit based on the V-Ride 2 with front-mounted centrifugal blower with a massive 6000 cfm output. 

The intake size is 375mm and there is a two-directional output nozzle with angle control operated from the fully-featured and comprehensive dashboard. With speeds of up to 10.5mph for forward and up to 5mph to reverse it makes for a versatile and nimble machine.

There is a large size comfort cushion for the operator to lean against, plus large diameter padded steering controls that require minimal effort for the lever action make this a comfortable, powerful, versatile and productive machine.

To find a local STM dealer call 01789 488450 or email info@st-mach.com


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