Landscape products for sale at one-stop-trade-shop

Landscape products are now even more accessible online thanks to a new online tool designed to save landscapers time and money. Arbour Landscape Solutions has launched its new one-stop-trade-shop to showcases a wide range of landscaping products at very competitive prices.

Landscapers and garden designers can browse the site for inspiration, price materials and place orders all at the touch of a button. To add extra value, there’s no need to chase up deliveries, that’s all part of the service.

Richard Bickler is the proud owner of Arbour Landscape Solutions. Having run a successful landscaping business for many years, Richard knows exactly what challenges the industry faces on a daily basis.

Richard says: “When I started Arbour Landscape Solutions it was with the sole purpose of making life easier for fellow landscapers. Being able to source products quickly and knowing that they will be the right quality for the right price is a real time saver. So too is having brilliant communication with your supplier so that you know when to expect deliveries.”

Arbour Landscape Solutions fills a gap in the market by taking the pain out of procurement. All a landscaper needs to do is get in touch and let Richard know what products are services are needed. Richard does the research, the negotiation and the organisation. He has a wealth of industry knowledge and is more than happy to support with technical advice.

The new website has been quite an investment for this rapidly growing Company.

“Up until now, my website was simply a way to advertise my contact details. Most of the work was done by phone and email,” explains Richard.

“I have simply added a virtual assistant to my team. One who can showcase beautiful products and relieve me of routine admin duties such as invoicing. The new website frees me up so that I can keep on improving our customer service, honing our prices and adding to our product range.”

Currently available to order online are core landscaping essentials such as soils and mulches, pavers, decking, fencing, hedging, aggregates, seeds and turf.

New products will be added to the website very soon. In the meantime, if something isn’t available online, Richard is happy to help source landscaping products in time honoured traditional way – by visiting suppliers and making phonecalls.

To celebrate the launch of his new website, Richard will be entering the first 150 people to place an online order into a prize draw. There are 5 prizes. Each one is a crate of refreshing British beer.

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