Outdoor lighting to enjoy warmer nights outside

Outdoor lighting manufactures Collingwood Landscape Lighting aims to create inviting spaces, and by using the warm white colour temperature of 2700 Kelvin, those warmer nights can begin on cool spring evenings, extend through summer and last long into the autumnal evenings.

Its new Landscape Lighting range of 2700 Kelvin products makes it possible to experience the cosy warm feeling you get indoors, outside, for the first time.

A bit about colour temperature….

The colour temperature of LED lighting can have a dramatic impact on the atmosphere and function of any living or work space and it’s something the Collingwood technical experts have been developing and perfecting for some time.

Most of the Collingwood Lighting range comes in a choice of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K as standard. At the lower end of the scale, 2700K is our warmest white colour temperature, and thanks to the Landscape Lighting range, this indoor cosiness can now easily be brought outside.

Landscape range: 2700K additions

The Landscape Lighting range is all about making exteriors feel inviting and interesting, and can now feel even cosier with 2700K warm white light. This colour temperature is available for a variety of different products to easily illuminate any outdoor area, and a combination of these light fittings will help to create a layered lighting design which achieves the same warmth and depth of an interior space.

Products include step lights, spike lights, wall lights, strip lights and ground lights, rotatable pond lights, marker lights and bollards. 

For more information about the 2700 Kelvin Landscaping range, visit www.collingwoodlighting.com

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