Effortless mowing with Countax C40 garden tractor

Effortless mowing of large areas of lawn are all in a day’s work for the new Countax C40. Designed and manufactured in Britain, the tough and durable C40 uses the latest technology.

Its 97cm (38”) reinforced cutter deck is ideal size for those one-acre lawns, and places where there may be access limitations. Fitted with the optional 300 litre Powered Grass Collector it provides a superb cut and collection of the grass, even in wet conditions, with the integrated roller leaving behind a neat striped finish. The single cylinder Ariens 546cc engine provides for smooth running, high torque, economy and durability. The tractor also has a low noise operation, a result of a cleverly designed double skin bonnet and the cut and collect system, which minimises air disturbance from the blades, reducing unwanted sound. 

The garden tractor is ergonomically designed with easy-to-use controls including a geared deck-lift system that allows the operator to change the cutting height with ease. The pedals and levers are all positioned within easy reach and are engineered to be lightweight in use. The dashboard display with running hours, cutter deck and Powered Grass Collector status indicators is visible at all times. Access on and off the tractor is made easy with a shaped steering wheel and adjustable seat position. 

The heavy duty cast axle helps the machine to withstand the stresses of uneven terrain, while the strong, durable, single pressed steel body is built for longevity. When it comes to maintenance nothing could be easier with easy access to the engine area and the translucent seven litre fuel tank for checking fuel levels. Above all the C40 is a Countax with a long British heritage, offering premium performance at an entry-point price. 

Visit www.countax.co.ukto find local dealers

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