Trimax Mowing Systems have produced another innovation as the Trimax X-WAM (extra-wide area mower) was launched at this year’s TPI Field Day in New York. The X-WAM is the widest Trimax roller mower available, offering a huge 10.5 m (34′ 2") cut width which can then fold up to 2.48m (8’ 2”’) to be easily transported behind a tractor to different locations.
The X-WAM can be bought as a complete unit or as an attachment for those customers who already own a Trimax Pegasus 6.10m (20′) roller mower.
Bob Sievwright, company owner, says “the X-WAM is going to save money by enabling the customer to use one tractor, one mower and one employee to achieve the same productivity as two of each”.
The X-WAM has the potential to cut 33 acres per hour and has the ability to zero turn at the end of each row without having to lift any of the mower decks.

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