Workhorse pedestrian……..STM

If you’re going to consider a workhorse pedestrian [with rotary, flail, reel or Safety Cut deck] – look at the SCAG range.
Starting with the belt-drive range – the SFW and its increased spec brother the SW – you then move into the SWZ Zero-Turn range, with a vast array of options. For bank work, the most popular SCAG pedestrian version of the SWZ is a 48” deck with twin driving wheel option
To show that nothing “stands still” in the pedestrian mowing world, STM introduced the Humus “Safety Cut” deck [radically reduced risk of “fly-out” of dangerous debris whilst operating] and SCAG introduced the “Pro-V” unit, with impressively simplified hand controls.
STM have a dealership network in the UK and on the Continent, and are always keen to back up the claims for SCAG machinery with a demonstration.
Tel: 01789 488450

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