As an invasive and injurious (noxious) weed, bracken continues to cover an increasing area of the UK. Dangers and consequences of bracken infestation are loss of grazing, potential toxic hazard to livestock and people and loss of biodiversity in the wider environment.

The requirements for successful and sustainable bracken management are a fast and versatile herbicide application system that minimises environmental contamination (particularly any chance of run-off and/or pollution of water supplies).

The Micron WeedSwiper is an established non-drip, weed-swiping applicator which can be mounted on a tractor or towed behind a pick-up truck or ATV. it can be used to apply a total non-selective herbicide, e.g. Roundup ProBiactive (glyphosate), with minimal use of herbicide (only that wiped directly onto the bracken) and without risk of run-off onto non-target plant species, including pasture grasses.

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