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The Grass Group continues to expand the range of professional landscaping and turfcare equipment on offer from the manufacturer.
The new ED 130 TS dethatcher and spiker with collection box, is a handy two in one renovation machine. With the PTO engaged, the ED is a precise dethatcher, capable of working from 0 to 60 mm deep, and offering fast, clean removal of thatch from fine turf. Detatch the PTO and the ED becomes the ideal spiking machine for golf greens and sports fields.
Working width is 1.3m (52in), with 159 knives at 23mm spacings for thorough scarification or slitting of fine turf. With a power requirement of 20-40hp, the ED 130 TS can easily be handled by a compact tractor. A collection box gives a tidy finish and tips for easy emptying of debris.
Tim Merrell of the Grass Group told The Landscape,r “Every greenkeeper wants to get more out of his machines. With the powered, variable speed dethatcher, height adjustment to suit greens, tees and fairways and a hydraulically dischargeable hopper, the RotaDairon ED 130 TS is the tool for all golf courses”.
Advanced Turf Technology’s TMsystem, the industry’s only complete modular fine turf management tool is another eagerly awaited addition to the range which show visitors can inspect for themselves.
With eight individual cassettes, the system is fully interchangeable between all main stream makes of triplex greens mowers and light weight fairway mowers. Mow, groom and roll with one machine, or deploy a number of mowers with the relevant cassettes to prepare greens to tournament standards in one super-quick operation!
Choose from groomers, vibratory rollers, spikers, scarifiers and brushes to suit the conditions in hand, all superbly engineered for best results.
Swapping attachments takes a matter of minutes with the four-bolt “Easy-In-Easy-Out” cassette installation and removal method.
The “Wrenchless Height Adjuster” allows adjustment of the working height in 0.4mm increments via a turnbuckle, using a laser etched height indicator for accuracy when altering heights out on course.
Stainless steel construction and superb build quality means a long, trouble free life even with the busiest workloads.
Tim Merrell says: “This is an exciting addition to our range which will help greenkeepers get more out of their mowers and make greens preparation far more efficient. There’s no need to have lots of different equipment, just the TMsystem!”
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