The CAMON C500 Stump has the benefit of a reliable Honda petrol engine and a grinding disc that is tipped with durable heavy-duty carbide teeth. The handlebar is easily adjustable in three positions, and the four lifting handles help make it easy to transport.
Only 25” wide with the ability to cut 22” above ground to 13” below ground, the C500 is a fantastic machine at unbeatable value.
*Only 25” wide
*Balanced for ease of use and manoeuvrability
*Large cutting disc to penetrate deep roots
*Heavy duty carbide tipped teet
Tel 01444247689

DANequip’s 25SP pedestrian stump grinder is 28” (710mm) wide so will fit through most narrow accesses, it does have the availability of narrow wheels that will take this machine to the width of 26” (670mm).
The 25SP is compact & well balanced making it a little easier on the operator to use. Engine options are 25hp or 27hp Kohler Command, with electric start & low oil pressure alert fitted as standard. The 36cm diameter cutter wheel is 12mm thick, using just 8 standard teeth, producing more than enough inertia. They now supply the option of having green teeth fitted, allowing changing teeth a much quicker & simpler operation. The machine has a powerful, variable hydrostatic drive allowing the operator to get the machine to the stump quickly.
Last year a smaller push/pull model was introduced to the market, this is just under 23” (560mm) wide, the unit is supplied with either a 12hp Kohler or a 13hp Honda engine, later in the year the 15hp Intelligent Honda engine is available. The machine uses a 36cm x 1cm cutter wheel. A very robust machine, ideal for the hire market, or as a first machine with a smaller outlay.

TEl 01420 476248

Whether you are shredding through dense undergrowth or ripping through a stump’ the C140 will get the job done’. The 140 hp John Deere engine provides turbo charged diesel power for maximum productivity. A two speed track driven undercarriage offers traction and mobility in ‘virtually any type of terrain’. The cab features heat and air conditioning, a state-of-the-art instrumentation panel, pilot operated joystick controls and exceptional visibility. Auxiliary rear hydraulics give operators flexibility to run various attachments including a regular winch or skidder winch.
Special features:
*Fixed tooth mower has carbide tipped teeth allowing teeth to last for hundreds of hours
*Quick attach plate with hydraulic quick couplers make changing heads effortless.
Tel 01258 859100

Votex Hereford are now the UK import agents of Vandaele forestry products.
There are 10 different “standard” models throughout the range, starting with the TV120 with a wood capacity of 120mm (5”) through to the largest TV40-52 Giant, with a wood capacity of 400mm (16”) which is one of the worlds largest capacity disc type wood chippers. Most models can either be PTO tractor driven, Hydraulic driven (TV180 only) or “self powered” diesel engine driven.
Tel – 01432 274361

The Vermeer SC652 stump cutter is designed to enhance cutting and has the ability to maneuver through tough jobsite conditions.
A four-bar linkage allows the cutter wheel to move away from the machine as the boom drops down toward the stump, reducing the need to reposition the entire unit. The SC652 can achieve cutting heights of 31 inches (79 cm) above ground and 25 inches (64 cm) below grade.

Full-time four-wheel drive and variable speed control gives the SC652 traction in difficult ground conditions. An optional remote control provides propel, boom and steering function control. Chips can be easily moved on the jobsite with an optional 34-inch (86 cm) wide front-mounted chip blade.
TEl 01933 274400


The Bobcat range of Stump Grinders has been extended with the launch of the higher flow SGX60 model. Part of the company’s range of landscape and forestry products, the SGX60 joins the two existing Stump Grinder Attachments, the SG30 and SG60, currently available from Bobcat. The Stump Grinders provide an efficient and economical method for removing tree stumps using Bobcat skid-steer, compact tracked and all-wheel steer loaders. Mounted at angles between 80-90o to the loader, the Stump Grinder attachments give the operator excellent visibility of the cutting area.
A Bobcat Stump Grinder mounted on one of the company’s compact loaders is’much more mobile and productive and costs less than many pull-type grinders on the market’. The new attachment is ideal for use by local authorities, estate managers, arborists, forest contractors and landscapers to clear tree stumps from parkland, forests and on landscaping projects.
With an operating weight of 452 kg, the flow rate of the hydraulic system on the SGX60 Stump Grinder attachment varies between a high of 150 lpm and low of 95 lpm. This compares with the 445 kg operating weight of the existing SG60 model and its high and low range flow rates of 120 and 65 lpm, respectively.
At 1676 mm (66 in), the SGX60 is wider than the SG60 model which is 1181 mm (46.5 in) wide. Both Stump Grinders have an 81 cm (32 inch) cutting height giving excellent access for grinding taller stumps and the 147 cm (74 in) of forward reach means less forward movement of the loader is required. The SGX60 and SG60 attachments have 686 mm diameter cutting wheels and a total of 32 cutting teeth.
The swing cylinder design on the SGX60 and SG60 generates an impressive arc of 80o. The grinders’ cutter wheels are mounted on an arm and dipper assembly, similar to that of an excavator, and are equipped with a fine mesh screen shielding the operator from flying chips.
The valve on the SGX60 and SG60 attachments is designed to control the speed of the swing circuit. When the pressure in the cutter wheel drive reaches a threshold level, the control valve automatically reduces the amount of hydraulic power to the swing circuit, reducing the swing speed so the cutter wheel does not stall in the cut.

The SG60 is approved for Bobcat skid-steers from the S160 model upwards, Bobcat compact tracked loaders from the T190 upwards and the A300 all-wheel steer loader. The SGX60 is suitable for use on the S175H skid-steer loader upwards.

Similar in design to the two larger Stump Grinders, the 91 cm width of the SG30 attachment means it is an ideal machine for rental applications for smaller stump grinding applications in both the consumer and commercial markets. It can grind a stump from approximately 279 mm (11 inch) above ground level down to a depth of around 279 mm (11 inch) below ground level. The new SG30 is approved for use on the S70 and S100 skid-steers and the T140 compact tracked loader.
The cutting wheel on the SG30 has a diameter of 457 mm and there are a total of 16 teeth.
The SG30 has functions for swing and depth control and the valve has been optimised for the narrow range of hydraulic flow of the S70, S100 and T140 carriers. During transportation, the adjustable debris shield can be manually closed to keep the overall width of 91 cm and opened during operation to accommodate the large swing arc of 90o.
Like all Bobcat attachments, the SG30 and SG60 stump grinders are designed for use with the proprietary Bob-Tach quick-change attachment system. With an expanding choice of well over 50 different types of attachment mounted on the Bob-Tach system, Bobcat loaders are multi-purpose tool carriers that save time, effort and cost in carrying out a wide range of applications.

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