Star Seppi …stump grinders stone crushers.

Seppi produce a large range of mulching heads for excavators and in more recent years they have diversified into stump grinders and stone crushers.
The New Seppi Star FC combines these machines into one very heavy duty head that is designed to be fitted to excavators from 15 – 35 tonnes and to take up to 300 hp.
The Star FC is designed to grind stumps up to 40 cm (16"), crush stones up to 15 cm (6"), destroy roots to a depth of 30 cm (12"), till the soil to a depth or 30 cm (12") to prepare for new planting, mulch unwanted vegetation up to 40 cm (16") and resurface stone tracks or roads.
There are three widths available 60 cm (24") 75 cm (30") and 100 cm (39"). The 60 cm and the 75 cm models are driven by one hydraulic motor and the 100 cm model by two.
Depending on the type of work being carried out, the oil flow for the single motor models should be between 120 litres and 200 litres. The double drive 100 model requires 240 litres to 400 litres.
The lower oil flow would be used for subsurface work and stones, the higher flow for above ground work and general mulching.
Seppi’s UK distributor is Lamberhurst Engineering.
Tel 01892 890364

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