Rigby Taylor launched a new pitch line marking paint and application system at the show
“Impact Gold is the most advanced, ready-to-use line marking paint to be introduced to the industry and offers a total integration of paint, its application to the target surface and packaging disposable” Steve Hall – Marketing Manager told The Landscaper
“This unique, highly micronized formulation contains titanium dioxide, combined with advanced binders and stabilizers. The paint is VOC (volatile organic compounds) free and bio-degradable. Finely atomised spray droplets of Impact Gold ensure complete coverage of both sides of the leaf blade with a single application. and special pigmentation attributes impart a bright, highly reflective white surface coating that increases in intensity as the paint dries”.
Using a specially developed gold nozzle, a football pitch can be over-marked with as little as 1 litre per pitch. However, as football pitches are not all the same size and the degree of presentation will vary, there is a range of application rates between 1 – 1.5 litres that can be applied. Rugby pitches will require a higher application due to its larger size.
The introduction of Impact Gold provides major benefits in environmental saving including reduced water consumption, fuel economies and waste disposal. As a ready-to-use product. Impact Gold and does not require water, therefore eliminating the need for mixing, measuring and pouring. In fact the operator has minimal contact with the paint. The only water Impact Gold requires is for priming the new iGo spray marking machine pump and nozzle cleaning.
These unique features provide a totally different approach to line marking in the area of water consumption. When using traditional dilutable paints, a great deal of water is used and in a typical 35 week football season this can amount to over 400 litres of water using a standard 4:1 ratio of water to paint. Impact Gold over this time may use less than 5 litres of water.
Impact Gold is applied through the new iGo spray-marking machine with the benefit of reduced energy consumption and improved efficiency. A 10 litre pack of paint will mark up to 10 pitches and, as the iGo spray marking machine can carry 2 x 10 litre packs, a single operator can mark out up to 20 pitches without the need for water or, repeatedly returning to a central base to fill up. This differs greatly in comparison with the use of traditional spray markers applying dilutable paints where there is a need to mark a large number of pitches (such as in local authority parks). In such situations a water bowser or a large IBC water container may have be transported to the site, which has a negative effect on fuel consumption and the carbon footprint of the company or organisation.
Impact Gold is supplied in a bag-in-the-box packaging that offers significant environmental benefits with C02 emissions up to 8 times lower than alternative plastic packaging. The cardboard outer is 100% recyclable and the plastic inner pack can be disposed of as regular domestic waste. This plastic inner pack is 12 times lighter to transport than rigid plastic packaging and takes up 90% less landfill area.
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SANLI added three new self-propelled wheeled rotary mowers to its range of outdoor power equipment.
The three new pedestrian machines are all powered by a economical SANLI 5.5hp OHV engines with similarly-sized Briggs and Stratton power units available as an extra-cost option.
Spearheading a tranche of new SANLI mowers for 2011 that will include also a pedestrian roller drive machine, the three new models unveiled at SALTEX comprise steel-decked 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 mowers plus SANLI’s very first aluminium-decked rotary mower, known as the LSPA56 (LBPA56 with a B & S engine). All three mowers have wheels with dual ball bearings.
Producing a 56cm (22in) width of cut, the LSPA56 is the widest yet pedestrian machine to be developed and manufactured by SANLI. The mower’s tough, yet lightweight aluminium deck and wide cut make it ideal for larger gardens and estates as well as commercial users requiring a high performance, quality mower at a very competitive price. Powered by a SANLI petrol engine, the LSPA56 is priced for 2011 at just £499.17 (plus VAT).
SANLI’s first diesel-engined ride-on mower also made its European debut at the show
The ZTSD122, a all-new zero-turn radius mower is aimed at professional, estate and high-end domestic users requiring an agile and compact machine capable of producing a rapid, clean cut on both open grass and confined areas where obstacles such as trees, posts and borders can impede and slow down conventionally-steered machines.
Powered by an 18hp SANLI V-Twin water-cooled diesel engine, the SANLI ZTSD122 mower uses an identical transmission and grass-cutting system as its petrol-engined stablemate, the ZTB122, the latter having a 22hp Briggs and Stratton V-Twin Intek power unit. Both the diesel and petrol machines are fuelled by a pair of 4.4 gal (20 litre) low-profile tanks mounted one either side of the engine bay.
Independent hydraulic drive motors in the rear wheels are controlled by a pair of levers to provide infinitely-variable forward and reverse speeds of up to 20 km/h and 7.5km/h respectively.
The ZTSD122 diesel-engined and ZTB122 petrol-engined zero-turn radius ride-on mowers are priced from £4,912.50 and £3,332.5 0 (plus VAT) respectively.

Tel: 01235 861640 ” Mobile: 07825 331766

Etesia launched three new products – two all new Hydro124P ride-on models and the Excelion brushcutter from Pellenc.
With a powerful 23hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine, both the HVSP ground tip model and the HVHP high tip model have a higher hourly mowing output of up to 15 000 m² per hour, and an unequalled power-to-weight ratio.
The new Hydro124P has been developed around the chassis of the diesel-powered Hydro100, and is fitted with a 124-cm overlapping cutting deck. Above all, it represents excellent value for money, both for the initial purchase and for continual use.
For years the company has been asked to produce a wider cutting deck on their mowing machines and this is exactly what has been delivered. The efficiency of the cutting system of both new models allows users to work faster and to improve productivity and output. Both can also be used on wet grass, or in the rain giving a perfect cut and perfect grass collection every time no matter the condition making both products an all-year-round tool. Both ride-on mowers are fitted with a built-in grass collector with a capacity of 600 litres. A mulching insert can also be fitted into the cutting deck for effective mulching.
Particularly environmentally friendly in its behaviour, easy to clean and maintain, the new Hydro124P models ensure ideal working conditions in addition to optimum safety for users. Both models are also equipped with a driving presence switch and a collector/deflector presence switch ensuring safety of use at all times. The weight distribution of 67% to the rear and 33% to the front ensures good grip and traction. In addition, the wide large-diameter wheels, differential lock and power regulator ensure good handling on slopes and gradients. Much research and development has been spent making sure that users are comfortable at all times. Grouped next to the driver’s seat and within easy reach are all of the controls – for emptying the grass collector, engaging the blades, setting the grass cutting height, applying the differential lock, etc..They are all positioned logically and are easy to operate. Power steering ensures precise steering, easy turning, and less fatigue for the operator. The dashboard is fitted with an instrument including time counter, maintenance indicator, operational check of all safety devices, fuel level gauge with low-level warning light, continuous engine temperature indication with overheating indicator, preheating indicator, battery charge indicator, hydraulic circuit overheating indicator, and lighting indicator.
In comparison to the diesel equivalent, the HVSP is nearly £3000 cheaper. Prices for the HVSP start from £11,700 and the HVHP model start from £12775.
The Pellenc Excelion is also a new product to the UK. Pellenc is the only manufacturer in the world to be able to produce machines that can be used in the landscape and local authority industry for up to a full day’s work on a single charge and at the same time guarantees use with no odour, no pollution and virtually no noise making them a truly environmentally friendly product.
The Excelion is a unique tool because it combines both a brush cutter and a grass trimmer: only the cutting head change. This change-over is very quick, taking less than one minute to change from the brush cutter version to the grass trimmer version and all without the use of any tools. Half the weight of the lightest petrol brush cutters, the Excelion makes brush clearing easier in ditches and on steep slopes. Fitted with an adjustable handle, directional head and telescopic system gives the user exceptional working comfort.
The 4-speed selector, which is exclusive to Pellenc, provides better suitability to the vegetation: for example, the slow speed is recommended for borders or urban environments. Quiet, fast and very light, the Excelion is THE new professional brush cutter.
Like all of the other Pellenc products, Ultra lithium Battery benefits from a very-high-capacity technology which guarantees use with no odour, no pollution and a revolutionary working capacity.
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Hardmet Landforce launched two new chippers join the firms line up. It also announced it has an exclusive arrangement for the UK distribution of Laski equipment.
The HL 100/25 is a 4” towable chipper aimed at contractors wanting a lighter, compact and easily towed machine. Powered by a Kohler Command four-stroke air-cooled engine it offers 25hp (18.6kW) at 3,600rpm. Suitable for chipping branches up to 4” (100mm) the cutting wheel has four blades and a cutting speed of 43 m/s.
Anyone looking for a PTO chipper should investigate the Hardmet Landforce HL120T, ideal for the disposal of branches, trunks, brash and redundant timber such as poles and planks. Easily tractor mounted the HL120T features a state of the art No-Stress control as standard and can handle materials up to 150mm in diameter or sheet materials 60mm thick.
The LS Laski 150D offers the power and torque of a diesel Lombardini air-cooled engine delivering 28.5hp (21kW) at 3000rpm. It will chip wood up to 6” (150mm) producing chips about 9mm in length and offers turntable versatility. The second machine in the Laski range is the powerful F450/27 self-propelled Stump Grinder featuring a 27hp (20.1kW) Kohler Command engine, electric start, 60mm cutting wheel and a cutting range of 200mm above and below ground
Tel 01386 834813

Everedge “The first day was very slow, but day two was really good with some really solid orders” says Peter Hughes, “ the third day became a normal Saltex third day ..only time will tell.
“Our bespoke range proved very popular . Its ideal for when there is a deeper edge, e.g. where sloping ground steps down onto a drive. EverEdge Bespoke is made to order to individual requirements and specification. Its available in a choice of finishes, our usual range is in 2.5 lengths of 2.5mm thickness galvanised mild steel, and a depth between 150mm to 300mm. However, we can provide a combination of other thickness’ and lengths to suit any particular application”.
Tel: 01630 657629

“ Footfall was well down over the three days although we were most encouraged by the quality of the visitors to our stand” director Steve Gadsby told The Landscaper . “ Our zero turning mowers and our climber range attracted the most attention.
“The climber range is engineered for slope and bank work, it can handle brambles, tall grass and all overgrown areas . There are six models in the range and we also offer a twin wheel kit
Machine tools of the highest technological standard are employed in the production process with many gearbox components being made in-house, some components being supplied to other manufacturers.“Every new machine is thoroughly tested and must pass rigorous inspections before final shipment to the customer,”
“ We are planning major investment in new products which should ensure future UK growth and continuing market share”
Tel 01889 569149

Thwaites launched a new machine in February this year which sparked a great deal of interest at the show. The Micro 300 is pedestrian controlled and powered by a Honda GXV 160 3.2 kW/4.3 bhp air-cooled commercial petrol engine. The machine is manufactured by Thwaites at its factory in Leamington Spa.
The machine is 700mm wide and able to go through a standard doorway and also has 4 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed to be able to match the speed for the job in hand.
Micro 300 is fitted with equal sized wheels which are fully interchangeable and two or four wheel drive can be selected via the push down lever operated “Adjusta Wheel”. This is a very useful feature as the machine can be operated in two wheel drive on hard surfaces for easier turning.
The dumper also features an automatic failsafe parking brake and easy to operate hand controls consisting of forward/reverse lever, park brake release, clutch lever, skip tip lever and thumb operated throttle lever.
The skip is constructed from 2mm thick steel and the skip mouth is fully welded and reinforced to minimise damage and is also designed for no material traps when tipping.
The machine is also fitted with a remote fuel tank for easy re-fueling which is an important feature for on-site filling.
The Thwaites Micro 300 is available in standard tipping skip configuration and a wide range of attachments are also available.
TEl 01926 422471

Multihog multi-purpose utility vehicle were out in force at this year’s show, showing two new MH 90 Multihog models and introducing their new UK sales force for the first time. “Our ability to work all year round with a wide variety of attachments proved to be an attraction for visitors who are looking for one versatile solution for a wide variety of grounds care and highway maintenance tasks.
“Attendance on the first day was obviously affected by the weather and the tube strike,” director Ruth McAdam told The Landscaper “but the other days were excellent in terms of the quality of enquiries. Our stand personnel were busy pretty much without a break on the Wednesday and Thursday and from the discussions they had it was obvious that they were dealing with very experienced visitors with real purchasing power. Saltex was a great success for us.”
The two models on show featured a range of new features such as a top speed of 40 km/h, a much quieter operating sound level of just 78db, increased front, rear and tow capacities and a load sensing pump for full regulation of front and rear hydraulic flow. The option of either a static or tilting driver’s station is now also available.
TEl 07540 970 064

Charterhouse Turf Machinery The new Rink SP 940 Pedestrian Top Dresser is aimed at turfcare applications with limited access or to avoid tying up a tractor at busy periods. With a capacity of 320 litres (0.32 cubic metres), the SP 940 is powered by a 6.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine via a mechanical drive.
With compact dimensions of 1.08m wide and 0.9m high, the SP 940 can work in confined spaces and is easy to manoeuvre at the end of a run, yet can spread to 94cm wide for efficient operation, with spread rates adjustable to suit the material or application in hand.
Operators who need high capacity, such as those spreading on fairways or sportsfields will find an ideal solution in the Rink DS 2000 Top Dresser. This high output machine has a massive 2 cubic metre hopper and can spread to widths of 12m. Application rates are continuously adjustable for year round use.
The Rink DS 2000 runs on two large wheels for reduced ground compaction and requires a minimum 25 litres per minute oil flow from a 35hp plus tractor.
Charterhouse’s Sales Manager Nick Darking told The Landscaper “This product has been designed by Redexim in response to customer demand for a high output top dresser for contractors to cover large areas. It comes from the same stable as our renowned Verti-Drain range, so is sure to be a winner for its durability and quality performance.”
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Water is becoming an increasingly expensive commodity and in some parts of the world it’s considered inappropriate to use high volumes of water on a golf course. This growing trend for sustainability in Greenkeeping means that Velvet Bents are proving to be a viable alternative. They offer considerable benefits with the greatest tolerance to shade and the highest visual merit of any bent grass.
A very good example is Andre Erlah, Greenkeeper at Easingwold Golf Club since 2001. When Andre arrived at Easingwold, almost all of the organic matter on the greens was dead. The greens were thatch ridden (up to 2 inches in places), unplayable in winter and disease ridden.
It took 4 years hard work and intense aeration for Andre to get the greens in a fit state to overseed and he then bravely put it to his Committee that they use Velvet Top Bents on the greens (he put forward BSH Avalon) which they agreed to. Andre was pleased to see a very good take on the greens – between 10 and 25% initially.
He subsequently introduced Aberroyal, British Seed Houses’ Low input Brown Top Bent, a few years later to strengthen the advances made by the Velvet Bents as he wasn’t keen on having a monoculture on the greens.
Andre has had excellent feedback from the Committee and members – the greens are now playable in the winter. Andre comments: “we’re now able to open more, allowing more playing time for the
members. Also, the greens are ready for play sooner in the season because the Bents take off a lot quicker than Poa after being seeded.
Tel: +44 (0)1522 868714

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