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Etesia’s new Hydro124P has been developed around the chassis of the diesel-powered Hydro100, and is fitted with a 124-cm overlapping cutting deck. Above all, it represents excellent value for money, both for the initial purchase and for continual use.
With a powerful 23hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine, both the HVSP ground tip model and the HVHP high tip model have a higher hourly mowing output of up to 15 000 m² per hour, and an unequalled power-to-weight ratio
For years the company was asked to produce a wider cutting deck on their mowing machines and this is exactly what has been delivered. The efficiency of the cutting system of both new models allows users to work faster and to improve productivity and output. Both can also be used on wet grass, or in the rain giving a perfect cut and perfect grass collection every time no matter the condition making both products an all-year-round tool. Both ride-on mowers are fitted with a built-in grass collector with a capacity of 600 litres. A mulching insert can also be fitted into the cutting deck for effective mulching.
Particularly environmentally friendly in its behaviour, easy to clean and maintain, the new models ensure ideal working conditions in addition to optimum safety for users. Both models are also equipped with a driving presence switch and a collector/deflector presence switch ensuring safety of use at all times. The weight distribution of 67% to the rear and 33% to the front ensures good grip and traction.
In comparison to the diesel equivalent, the HVSP is nearly £3000 cheaper. Prices for the HVSP start from £11,700 and the HVHP model start from £12775 +VAT

Tel: +44 (0) 1295 680120


John Deere’s new version of the Series II 1600 Turbo WAM out-front rotary mower features as standard a Stage IIIB (Interim Tier 4) engine to meet the latest emission standards, a fully adjustable high-backed air suspension seat to improve operator comfort, and run-flat tyres on the castor-action gauge wheels to reduce downtime and increase productivity.
With its 3.25m (128in) overall cutting width, the 1600T WAM offers the ultimate in power, manoeuvrability, traction and operator comfort for commercial mowing contractors, local authorities, golf courses and other public and private institutions. Additional improvements for 2011 include more efficient hydraulics and deck motors, a two-post folding ROPS and Service ADVISOR diagnostics for extra serviceability, both in the workshop and in the field.
The 1600T WAM is powered by a 57hp turbocharged Yanmar diesel engine, equipped with electronic engine control and a cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system for lower emissions and improved engine responsiveness. It has a high torque reserve and can produce plenty of power for the toughest conditions.
The three robust rear discharge mower decks are fabricated from 7-gauge steel, the thickest in the industry. In mower form, the machine is capable of covering up to 3.4ha (8.5ac) an hour, at speeds of up to 9mph, with a cutting height of between 25 and 140mm (1 and 5.5in).
Each wing has a breakaway feature that allows the mower deck to move back and away from any obstacle, then automatically reset to the normal working position. Other operator friendly specifications include electronic cruise control, hydrostatic power steering and a tiltable steering wheel, and the ROPS can be folded down easily without tools for safe operation under tree canopies or in other confined spaces.
Featuring a proven mechanical four wheel drive system, an 83 litre (18gal) fuel tank and a transport speed of up to 14.5mph, the machine is particularly suitable for large-scale commercial mowing. Base UK list price of the 2011 season John Deere Series II 1600 Turbo WAM is the same as the previous model, at £41,143 (€47,849 in Ireland).
Tel: +44 (0)1949 860491

Groundsmaster 360 Hayter
The Groundsmaster 360 represents an entirely new category of mower. It combines the best control features of the traditional out front rotary mowers with the productivity and agility of a zero turn radius mower. The result is unprecedented manoeuvrability coupled with a 20% improvement in productivity compared with out front rotaries.
It also performs as a multi-purpose utility vehicle for clearing snow, debris, etc. This means the mower works for 12 months in a year instead of six – another boost for productivity. The new mower features the Quad-SteerTM four-wheel steering system which, with the control provided by a steering wheel, minimises turf damage in even the tightest turns. The mower is available in either two-wheel or four-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive with a factory-installed cab. The highly productive 183cm (72”) cutting deck, proven on the Groundsmaster 7200 Series, is available in either side-discharge, rear-discharge or recycler configuration.

New Holland’s TZ24

Designed to offer the lightweight performance of a dedicated ride-on lawn tractor, New Holland’s TZ24 offers an unbeatable combination of high performance, comfort and agility.
A key advantage over dedicated mowers is the powerful 715kg capacity rear lift linkage with an independent 540rpm Power Take Off as standard.
The clean running, three-cylinder diesel engine offers all the power you need with low running costs. Service access is excellent, with particularly easy access under the bonnet. Despite the compact dimensions of the TZ24, it has a high comfort seat to make it easy and comfortable to operate.
Prices start at £12,919 (includes 1.5m mid-mount mowing deck with side discharge).
New Holland also offers its TC24D compact tractor at 24Hp and the T1560 (30Hp) and T1570 (33Hp) models, which can all be used as ride-on mowers, when equipped with either a mid-mount or rear mounted mower deck.

With eight ride-on models in the range, Simon Tullett Machinery has SCAG machines to suit all situations.
With the V-Ride, they just scrape into the category, because you have zero-turn capability – but this machine is a stand-on, ideal in tight spaces.
Entry level zero-turn – with a seat this time – takes you to the Freedom Z, then up to the Tiger Cat, Wildcat, Cheetah [new this year] and up to the top of the range Turf Tigers. Throughout that range you have had cut capabilities [dependant upon model] from 36” to 72, with a comprehensive selection of accessories to introduce mulching, enhance operator comfort and machine usage.
SCAG machines have an enviable reputation for strength and reliability, making them well worth serious consideration…
And, if a ride-on isn’t for you, STM do a range of Pedestrian and Robot-Controlled machinery. They have a dealer network all over the UK
Tel: 01789 488450

Kubota (UK) has added the new GR2120 to its comprehensive lawn tractor range. Packed with advanced features, the 21hp diesel powered mower features a tough but easy to operate all-wheel-drive hydrostatic transmission.
A key feature of the GR2120 is the unique Kubota Glide Steer system. Redeveloped for this new model, Glide Steer delivers an unmatched combination of manoeuvrability and turf protection. This is achieved by the system disconnecting drive to the inside rear wheel as the front axle approaches its full lock of 70degrees.
At work, Glide Steer enables the operator to drive around an obstacle, such as a tree, for a single-cut pass – and the manoeuvre can be carried out without the worry of the wheels scuffing the turf. This is of particular benefit on well-maintained lawns. At full lock, the uncut circle left by the GR2120 is just 100cm.
The GR2120 is fitted with a high-efficiency 48in (1.22m) triple-rotor deck. Designed to discharge clippings directly into the collector, the deck will cut and collect grass of up to 102mm in height. The high tip-speed blades are also designed to deliver an exceptional finish, the deck offering a minimum cut height of just 25mm.
The integral 450 litre collector has the capacity to allow long periods between emptying. Optimising this capacity is made easier on the GR2120, thanks to a newly developed electronic ‘collector full’ sensor system alerting the operator only when the full collector capacity has been utilised. Fitted with a gas-strut assisted discharge system, the collector can be quickly and easily emptied without the operator having to leave the seat.
The shaft-driven deck is engaged by a newly designed hydraulic clutch pack. Designed to offer rugged, long-life performance, the clutch is engaged via a lever and has an extremely light action. The deck is raised and lowered hydraulically, with height adjustment carried out via a simple knob.
The new mower is a direct replacement for the highly regarded GR2100-II and is available now. Retail price, to include power steering, all-wheel drive, 48in deck, collector and diesel power, is £8,285.
TeL + 44 (0)1844 268000,

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