Quiet Muck-truck

Up until now the Muck-truck has always been powered by a commercial petrol
engine but shown at Saltex this year was the battery powered truck
running on a bank of 24v batteries providing ample power for the unit.
The rechargeable batteries give up to 3.5 hours of Muck-truck performance
powering ¼ tonne loads up and down 30-degree slopes.

Whisper quiet operation means preferred use around schools or hospitals anywhere silence is a virtue.

The product still features an easy-empty 6 cu. Ft. skip that can be removed in
seconds to provide a useful flat bed transporter capable of carrying up to120

The flat bed also allows awkward heavy loads such as bags of cement, rolls of
turf or slabs to be moved without the risk of injury. The electric Muck truck has two-wheel drive with forward and reverse gear.
Remove the skip and the unit can be converted into vacuum or a snow
plough, fit the ball hitch and turn the Muck truck into a useful towing unit for
caravans or trailers. Fit turf tyres for maximum turf/lawn protection or double
wheels for total stability on uneven ground, the versatility of the Muck truck is
Terry Rowlands, managing director of Muck-truck says . “The demand for an
electric dumper truck has been there for some time. Battery technology is
improving all the time but we had to ensure performance wasn’t comprised
and the costings were right.”

TEl 0845 838 5480 or visit www.mucktruck.com

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