Spaldings have introduced the Tough Tracker to their groundcare security range.
Ideal for protecting expensive equipment this weld-on, impact resistant device sends alerts as soon as it’s moved off site via email or SMS.
This cutting edge security ensures complete piece of mind even if the worse happens with its satellite and cell locate technology.
Tough Tracker requires no software for your computer, instead the software is web based making it accessible from any PC. On this software you have the option of how your alerts are set up, whether by SMS or email. The tracker alerts can be customised using the multiple options such as time and location specific parameters. Different parameters can be set up for each of the different items that are fitted with a tough tracker on the premises.
“The Tough Tracker is near impossible to remove once welded onto your equipment. It acts as a visual deterrent to potential thieves and they will quickly realise removal isn’t an option. As can be seen with the manufacturer’s video of their staff attacking one unsuccessfully with a sledge hammer,” says Mark Kimberley, Groundcare Product Development Coordinator for Spaldings. “The battery life has been found to last well over ten years, in fact some have even lasted as long as twenty years! You can be assured that your equipment will be safe for many years to come.”
TEl 01522 507 500
How the Tough Tracker works
1. Attach a Tough Tracker to each asset you want to protect
2. Discourage theft with the presence of Tough Tracker’s highly visible , tamper proof casing
3. Set asset-specific movement alerts – using the online time fence and geo fence tools
4. Track every asset you own via satellite, 24/7 via Google maps
5. Check instantly which of your assets are off-site, where, and for how long

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