Pedestrian Controlled Micro Dumper.. Thwaites

Micro 300 Pedestrian Controlled Micro Dumper is pedestrian controlled and powered by a Honda GXV 160 3.2 kW/4.3 bhp air-cooled commercial petrol engine. The machine is manufactured by Thwaites at its factory in Leamington Spa.
The machine is 700mm wide and able to go through a standard doorway and also has 4 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed to be able to match the speed for the job in hand.
Micro 300 is fitted with equal sized wheels which are fully interchangeable and two or four wheel drive can be selected via the push down lever operated “Adjusta Wheel”. This is a very useful feature as the machine can be operated in two wheel drive on hard surfaces for easier turning.
The dumper also features an automatic failsafe parking brake and easy to operate hand controls consisting of forward/reverse lever, park brake release, clutch lever, skip tip lever and thumb operated throttle lever.
The skip is constructed from 2mm thick steel and the skip mouth is fully welded and reinforced to minimise damage and is also designed for no material traps when tipping.
The micro dumper is also fitted with a remote fuel tank for easy re-fueling which is an important feature for on-site filling.
The Thwaites Micro 300 is available in standard tipping skip configuration and a range of attachments are also available which include :-
Interchangeable Flat Platform Tow Bar – ideal for moving trailers etc. Flotation Wheels – ideal for Landscaping work Dual Wheels – For use on really rough terrain Extended Skip Sides for carrying low density materials – again ideal for some Landscaping work
Thwaites One Tonne Hi Tip…
With its very simple foot operated control system and well proven Yanmar engine this machine is also available with grassland tyres for use in Landscaping work.
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