The new Wessex ProLine TGX out-front flail mower from Broadwood International is designed to fit all popular outfront power units, including John Deere, Shibaura, Kubota, New Holland etc.

As well as cutting grass, the ProLine TGX’s flail cutting action leaves no unsightly grass swathing as occurs with rotary blade mowers. Clippings are spread perfectly evenly, which is particularly important when mowing sports turf.

The ProLine TGX ‘offers fast mowing speeds and low running costs’. This is due to the maximum power efficiency of the 34 aerodynamic flails and a twin belt drive, as well as features such as internal bearings on the rear roller for long service life and double skin deck for durability. The ProLine TGX is equipped with puncture-proof tyres.

Mowing height can adjusted using the ProLine TGX’s ratchet mechanism. This innovative system is faster and easier to use than the traditional screw-thread adjusters seen on other brands, which need to be replaced when the thread is worn.

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