No Stress chipper..Landforce

Hardmet Landforce have introduced the HL 100/27 compact towed wood chipper.
The chipper is turntable mounted for easy operation, especially by a roadside, and it’s compact and light enough to be easily hitched to a car or van for towing. The chassis is homologated automotive standard for compliance, durability and to ensure a long working life. Power comes from a Kohler Command four-stroke air-cooled 27hp (20.13kW)] engine and there is a state-of-the-art No Stress system to stop overloading. The chipper accepts branches for chipping up to 4” and the cutting wheel has four blades, with a cutting speed of 43m/s. The wide feed chute of 180x140mm it easily manages branches, twigs, hedge trimmings, and brash with two upper powered rollers to pull the materials in. Drive is hydrostatic. In its transport mode it is just 2.3 metre in length and 2.3 metres high. The width of 1.57m is ideal for getting into less accessible work areas. The turntable allows chips to be ejected through the adjustable chute directly into a trailer. Weighing in at just 610kg this is the ideal machine for the arboricultural professional or landscaper who needs a lighter weight and easily manoeuvrable machine.
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