New Trilo S3…..Saltex Report

The Grass Group’s new Trilo S3 is a smaller sister to the S4 released last year. Along with a smaller working width came a reduction in weight to only 1200kg, so that only a mid-range compact tractor of 28 HP is required.
The 1.5 metre full floating brush head and low ground pressure allows the machine to work under the heaviest of conditions where others may struggle. The balanced fan wheel gives a reliable and above all a safe source of power. The impeller casing can be opened at the top and has an inspection trap in the lower section to allow easy cleaning.
To cope with the amount of material collected in a 3M³ container, the Trilo S3 also features a 1.6 metre high tip facility meaning it can unload into the back of a truck or skip, keeping downtime to a minimum.
A 5 metre long 200mm diameter hand held wander hose makes the S3 suitable for versatile use all year round to clean hard to get areas such as bunkers, shrubberies or refuse bins.
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