New Rink SP 940 Pedestrian Top Dresser… Charterhouse

Charterhouse Turf Machinery The new Rink SP 940 Pedestrian Top Dresser is aimed at turfcare applications with limited access or to avoid tying up a tractor at busy periods. With a capacity of 320 litres (0.32 cubic metres), the SP 940 is powered by a 6.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine via a mechanical drive.
With compact dimensions of 1.08m wide and 0.9m high, the SP 940 can work in confined spaces and is easy to manoeuvre at the end of a run, yet can spread to 94cm wide for efficient operation, with spread rates adjustable to suit the material or application in hand.
Operators who need high capacity, such as those spreading on fairways or sportsfields will find an ideal solution in the Rink DS 2000 Top Dresser. This high output machine has a massive 2 cubic metre hopper and can spread to widths of 12m. Application rates are continuously adjustable for year round use.
The Rink DS 2000 runs on two large wheels for reduced ground compaction and requires a minimum 25 litres per minute oil flow from a 35hp plus tractor.
Charterhouse’s Sales Manager Nick Darking told The Landscaper “This product has been designed by Redexim in response to customer demand for a high output top dresser for contractors to cover large areas. It comes from the same stable as our renowned Verti-Drain range, so is sure to be a winner for its durability and quality performance.”
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