New lawn tractor range

Honda (UK) has enhanced its lawn tractor line-up. The new look line-up features seven models – from the HF2315SB through to the range- topping HF2622HT, categorised as ‘mid-range’ and ‘premium’. The two HF2622 models become the first Honda lawn tractors to feature a new commercial grade V-Twin engine, the GX660, delivering increased power and fuel efficiency, lower emissions and lower noise levels than its predecessor.
OptiFlow combines powerful suction with control of turbulence, to reduce power loss, noise and clogging. Air intake is increased through holes in the top of the cutter deck. Air acceleration speed is also increased, with two fans fixed onto each blade, drawing air through the holes in the cutter deck to move grass more efficiently into the chute. A large cone shaped ejection chute minimises the risk of clogging, and Honda’s patented fluted grass bag results in greater air flow and the ability to completely fill the bag.
A further significant development on the premium models is the addition of Honda’s Versamow selective mulching system. Versamow makes switching between mulching and collecting fast, easy and efficient, with the lever conveniently situated to the side of the seat.
The HF2417HB also features synchronised twin blades, for symmetric cutting, resulting in a superior job. Both blades are synchronised with a timing belt to maintain a 90 degree angle, ensuring better collecting performance and fewer uncut areas when turning.
Robustness and durability have been enhanced to suit the most demanding users and conditions. New high-specification long-life bearings have been added, along with steel belt guides which reduce slippage and extend the life of the belt. Additionally, a new in-line fuel filter offers a life of some 600 hours, twice that of its predecessor. The new models also feature a highly durable bonnet and step, and a new hood and headlight design offering improved rigidity. All but the HF2315 also now have a one-piece cast iron front axle, and all but the HF2315 and HF2417HB have a steel front plate bumper for protection from obstacles.
Usability and comfort are key considerations, particularly for demanding users spending a lot of time behind the wheel. The range now benefits from one forward and one reverse pedal, making operation more intuitive. Additionally, location guides have been added to the bag and chute, allowing easy and fast attachment and removal of the grass bag when needed.
Fuel tank capacity has also increased on the premium models, from 5.4 to 8.4 litres, resulting in longer mowing time between fills. The fuel tank is situated under the rear cover, rather than under the bonnet, distancing the tank from the engine. This maintains the quality of the fuel, because less engine heat results in less fuel evaporation. To enhance durability the thickness of the fuel tank is 2mm, compared to the standard 1.5mm.
Phil Webb, Head of Power Equipment, Honda (UK) TODL The Landscaper “Unique Honda technologies such as OptiFlow and Versamow are incredibly popular across our pedestrian mower range, so we’re pleased to bring them to our lawn tractor line-up. It’s a natural move and one that will bring clear benefits to customers, most notably best-in-class cutting and collection performance.”

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