New hedge trimmers

Efco has introduced three new petrol engine powered hedge trimmers that are ideal for professional users or home gardeners who have large or demanding hedge cutting needs.

The trimmers – two twin blade and a single side blade option – feature a high torque 25cc 2 stroke engine that is fully compliant with Euro 1 standards. The combination of power, torque and high quality steel blades make the trimmers ideal for cutting large or densely packed hedges. The units also feature a re-designed heavy duty, all aluminium gearbox designed to withstand long periods of continuous use.

The high efficiency vibration damping system features a combination of springs and rubber mounts which completely isolate the handles from the rest of the machine, ensuring operator comfort even after prolonged periods of use. The ergonomic handles offer a safe and secure grip and all of the controls – on/off, throttle trigger and angle adjustment – are within easy finger reach.

The twin blade model offers blade lengths of 60 or 75cm (TG2600 XP and TG 2750XP) with swivel handles that rotate through 180º with 5 intermediate locking positions for maximum versatility in use. The single blade model (TGS 2750) has a fixed position handle and an additional side handle fitted to the blade for full control in the most arduous cutting conditions.

Designed with the user in mind, the machines are light in weight (5.3kg), offer reliability and are easy to maintain with a ‘snap fit’ filter cover and easy access to the gearbox grease nipple and the spark plug.

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