New grabs …

Bobcat has launched two new ranges of hydraulic grabs for the company’s E55W, E60 and E80 excavators for applications in demolition, general material handling, construction, utilities and landscaping.
The first range is a new family of grabs for applications in demolition and for general sorting jobs. The new demolition and sorting grabs are available in widths of 50 cm and 60 cm.
All the demolition and sorting grabs come as standard with the HPX drive. The enclosed design in the HPX drive system helps to protect all components from damage. The maintenance-free HPX design removes the need for vulnerable hydraulic cylinders and bushings and pins. The compact rotation head absorbs extremely high forces and is well suited to the demanding conditions on demolition sites. The perforated shells offer excellent screening of rubble on site.
Bobcat has also launched a new range of multi-purpose ‘pick-and-place’ grabs, designed as efficient tools for precise positioning of stones as well as handling of filling material. They are available in widths of 40 cm and 50 cm.
The multi-purpose grabs are available with either the HPX drive or a hydraulic cylinder for opening and closing. The multi-purpose grabs have a shell design which ensures they are ideal for loading, sorting and digging jobs. The compact rotation head absorbs extremely high forces when picking up and placing rocks.
All the grabs are supplied as standard with hydraulic opening and closing, and with infinite bi-directional hydraulic rotation. Every model is available with the pin-on, Klac and Lehnhoff mounting systems. The grabs operate with 2-way secondary hydraulics and therefore require four hydraulic lines for installation on the E55W, E60 and E80 excavators. The excavator has to be equipped with two-way secondary hydraulics because the grabs utilise two hydraulic circuits. One circuit controls hydraulic opening and closing of the grab, the second hydraulic circuit controls infinite rotation left and right.

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