New cab and digger arm

Avant Tecno has announced the availability of a new cab and digger arm for its larger machines.
The DLX cab has been designed to further enhance the Avant operator’s environment, particularly important when a machine is to be used on an all-day basis.
Key features of the new cab include increased internal width to provide a pleasant and roomy space, larger window areas for improved all-round visibility, reduced sound levels and, for the very first time on the Avant options list, an air conditioning system and air suspension seat.
Also new from the Finnish manufacturer is the model 260 lightweight digger arm which can be fitted to any 6 or 700 Series machine. This new attachment has a maximum digging depth of 2600 mm and features two independent cylinders for boom slewing in place of the single cylinder and chain driven system of the outgoing 220/250 version.
In addition, the support legs are now hydraulically adjustable from the operator’s seat and an auxiliary hydraulic circuit is now fitted as standard to enable the use of quick release mechanisms, a slewing bucket or even a rototilt.

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