Never a dull chain….PowerSharp

Chainsaw chains accidentally dulled by contacting stones, metal or even soil can be immediately sharpened, on the job in seconds, thanks to a new sharpening system from Oregon
The PowerSharp system, which couples a unique saw chain with a proprietary sharpening tool, reduces down time by eliminating the tedious and skilled job of hand sharpening chains, allowing operators to get back to work in seconds.
It is available in two kits: a specially designed guide bar and bar-mount sharpener; and a purpose-designed PowerSharp chain with a diamond-coated link plus a sharpening stone that are installed on the guide bar and bar-mount-sharpener. For many users, the guide bar and bar-mount sharpener kit is a once-only purchase, and only the chain and sharpening stone need replacing.
Once the bar-mounted sharpener is placed on the guide bar, the pressure pad is pressed lightly at full throttle. The sharpening stone ensures the chain is perfectly sharpened in 3-5 sec. (up to 10 sec. on electric saws). The operation can be repeated as needed throughout the life of the PowerSharp chain.
The chain includes a diamond-coated link which helps reshape the sharpening stone to maintain the appropriate sharpening surface throughout its working life. There is no need for hand finishing the chain.
The chain is suitable for the majority of branded petrol and electric chainsaws available in the UK, including Stihl and Husqvarna. The current range is suitable for 12, 14 and 16-inch saws. The specially designed PowerSharp bars have twin guide holes which allows for easy attachment of the bar-mount sharpener.

BLOUNT UK are the UK distributors
Tel. 44 1684 297600

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