Muck-truck cleans up

The Muck-truck can be fitted with a variety of accessories to increase the
productivity of this innovative and useful product
The vacuum has now been re-designed to be more efficient and easier-to-use. The airflow has been improved to increase the suction and therefore the collecting ability, and the emptying operation has been simplified and made more efficient.
The operation of the Vac attachment is simple, the Kawasaki petrol engine
forms a vacuum in the 350 litre container creating a powerful suction through
the 5" diameter pick up hose leaving no debris stuck to the grass or straw.
The container is made from high-density durable plastic and empties easily by
removing the rear lid and tipping out the contents.
The vacuum can also be used around the area on low revs enabling the
operator to collect leaves from gravelled surfaces leaving the gravel untouched.

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