Mole control……… Digging force 32 times body weight!

The season’s new generation of moles are being born with each female capable of producing as many as seven young per litter.
Able to exert a and travelling through tunnels at a rate of 80 ft per minute, moles are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Catching them is notoriously difficult, thanks to the complexity of their underground tunnels.
The Tunnel Mole Trap is just one solution offered by Procter Pest-Stop.
This trap is proffered by professionals, having been redesigned by the Guild of British Mole Catchers; a recognised standard for traditional mole control in Britain
Procter Brothers, the manufacturer of the Procter Pest-Stop branded pest control range, offers two humane mole repellers and three traps.
Many of these products can be used repeatedly, so moles can be continuously encouraged to move elsewhere or eliminated once and for all.

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