Mega Mower …Paynes Turf

Paynes Turf has invested in a state-of-the-art 21 cylinder mower, one of the largest of its kind in the UK. The bespoke mower is the latest in a series of investments made by the company to meet growing demand.
It is capable of speeding up mower output by more than 30%, and will be employed across Paynes Turf’s vast sites in Essex and Suffolk.
Paynes Turf is one of the largest turf growers in the UK, with over 1,000 acres of turf and thousands of trade and domestic clients up and down the country.
Director John Payne told The Landscaper “To maximize the health and appearance of our turf, we mow our turf three to four times a week. This means that the grass grows to an even and fine consistency and is always ready to be harvested. This is incredibly important for us as we harvest our turf on demand and then deliver it via our own fleet of trucks in order that it arrives the same or next day in exceptional condition, ready to be laid.”
“Efficiency characterises all of our procedures, and the new cylinder mower – cutting 30% more grass than our previous cylinder mowers – has given our production cycle a significant boost. It means that we can be much more competitive and provide our customers with an even better service.”
The custom-built mower was manufactured in the UK and features 21 Ransomes sport cutter gangs constructed around a frame. Operated by just one person, the machine is able to mow 20 acres of turf an hour, which equates to 150 acres a day. Compared to previous figures, Paynes Turf are now able to cover 45 acres more a day.
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