Known for its performance….. Yanmar ViO38U zero tail swing machine

Yanmar continues to renew its range of mini excavators with the introduction of the Universal ViO38, successor to the ViO35. The latest of the ViO series known for its performance, the ViO38U is a zero tail swing machine, which combines compactness, power and versatility.
The Universal ViO38 addresses the need for a 4 ton machine and is positioned between the ViO33U and the ViO50U. While remaining light and easily transportable, the ViO38U, with an operating weight of 3,885 kg with cabin and rubber tracks, is the perfect mini-excavator for all work requiring a compact machine that is stable and powerful and provides the weight / power / work capacity ratio of a 4 ton machine.
The ViO38U has a new Yanmar 3 cylinder engine with direct injection and liquid cooling. With a 1642 cm3 displacement and a net installed power of 20.9 kW at 2,300 rpm, this engine meets the TIER IIIA environmental standards. In addition, the ViO38U retains the Yanmar
VIPPS hydraulic architecture which allows perfectly simultaneous movements while maintaining lower consumption compared to the hydraulic systems of competing machines.
A fourth circuit can be added as an option to the third circuit with proportional command.Compared to the previous model, the flow of the third pomp of the hydraulic system goes from 23.7 to 27.3 l/min, increasing the amount of oil available during simultaneous
movements of the boom lift and rotation when loading trucks.
Ergonomics and driver comfort, the cabin provides the operator with easy access to allcontrols and a greater internal volume than the previous model. The air suspension mounted seat is multi-adjustable; the travel levers are equipped with wide paddles and wrist rests are
adjustable in height and depth. The cabin has many storage areas and heating vents are located to ensure not only driver heating but a perfect defogging of the side windows and the
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