It was snow good

Motorists caused an estimated £60m worth of damage as thousands ignored warnings against travelling.

The number of accidents recorded on Monday (2nd February) leapt three-fold compared to normal levels according to Accident Exchange, a leading accident management company.

However, not all accidents will have been reported yet, says Steve Evans, chief executive of Accident Exchange.

“The final toll of Monday will only be known in the next couple of weeks but the cost of that ‘essential’ journey will be high.”

More than 10,000 incidents are reported on a normal winter’s day leaving repairs bills of £1,8001 on average. The number could rise to 30,000.

In addition to the body and structural damage, the snow-related bumps, scrapes and crashes will cost the UK economy upwards of £5.25m2 in lost working hours in the coming weeks as owners spend an average of 3½ days dealing with the aftermath.

In more complicated incidents, where liability is disputed, or the car is written off, the actual time spent resolving the affair could easily rise to nearer 50 hours.

Evans added: “Driver inexperience is to blame with people coming across marooned cars and hitting them, driving too fast or too close to the car in front.”

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