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Rigby Taylor launched a new pitch line marking paint and application system at the show
“Impact Gold is the most advanced, ready-to-use line marking paint to be introduced to the industry and offers a total integration of paint, its application to the target surface and packaging disposable” Steve Hall – Marketing Manager told The Landscaper
“This unique, highly micronized formulation contains titanium dioxide, combined with advanced binders and stabilizers. The paint is VOC (volatile organic compounds) free and bio-degradable. Finely atomised spray droplets of Impact Gold ensure complete coverage of both sides of the leaf blade with a single application. and special pigmentation attributes impart a bright, highly reflective white surface coating that increases in intensity as the paint dries”.
Using a specially developed gold nozzle, a football pitch can be over-marked with as little as 1 litre per pitch. However, as football pitches are not all the same size and the degree of presentation will vary, there is a range of application rates between 1 – 1.5 litres that can be applied. Rugby pitches will require a higher application due to its larger size.
The introduction of Impact Gold provides major benefits in environmental saving including reduced water consumption, fuel economies and waste disposal. As a ready-to-use product. Impact Gold and does not require water, therefore eliminating the need for mixing, measuring and pouring. In fact the operator has minimal contact with the paint. The only water Impact Gold requires is for priming the new iGo spray marking machine pump and nozzle cleaning.
These unique features provide a totally different approach to line marking in the area of water consumption. When using traditional dilutable paints, a great deal of water is used and in a typical 35 week football season this can amount to over 400 litres of water using a standard 4:1 ratio of water to paint. Impact Gold over this time may use less than 5 litres of water.
Impact Gold is applied through the new iGo spray-marking machine with the benefit of reduced energy consumption and improved efficiency. A 10 litre pack of paint will mark up to 10 pitches and, as the iGo spray marking machine can carry 2 x 10 litre packs, a single operator can mark out up to 20 pitches without the need for water or, repeatedly returning to a central base to fill up. This differs greatly in comparison with the use of traditional spray markers applying dilutable paints where there is a need to mark a large number of pitches (such as in local authority parks). In such situations a water bowser or a large IBC water container may have be transported to the site, which has a negative effect on fuel consumption and the carbon footprint of the company or organisation.
Impact Gold is supplied in a bag-in-the-box packaging that offers significant environmental benefits with C02 emissions up to 8 times lower than alternative plastic packaging. The cardboard outer is 100% recyclable and the plastic inner pack can be disposed of as regular domestic waste. This plastic inner pack is 12 times lighter to transport than rigid plastic packaging and takes up 90% less landfill area.

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