Free scarifier

British ride-on mower manufacturer, Countax, are offering a limited special offer of a free Countax scarifier worth £795, with purchase of one of their new 2009 C, K or A models.
Available at participating Countax dealers, the powered scarifier will be supplied free of charge when customers purchase a new Countax ride–on mower with Powered Grass Collector and cutting deck, now available with 5 year warranty. This extended warranty period reflects the confidence that Countax has in the design and build quality of their ride-on mowers. The new 5 year warranty is available on all Countax models.
Scarifying is hailed as the secret to the perfect lawn. The Countax Scarifier has been designed to be driven from the tractor’s power take-off unit, and has tines which rotate at high speed teasing the thatch and moss from the bed of the lawn. The angle and shape of these tines ensure that healthy grass plants are left intact, whilst unwanted material is thrown up to the surface of the lawn ready for collection. Collection of the scarified material is made easy with the Countax powered grass collector.
The scarifying tines also gently disturb the soil surface, allowing oxygen to the roots of the plants and helping to reduce lawn compaction.
After a short period following scarifying, and with the grass receiving the required moisture, oxygen and nutrients, the lawn grows back thicker, healthier and greener, with reduced moss and weeds.
The Countax scarifier normally retails for £795 inc. Vat, but during this promotion, is given free of charge to any purchase of a new Countax tractor, at participating dealers’ discretion. See for full terms and conditions of this special offer.

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(See special ride on mower feature in The Landscaper June 009)

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