Four tonnes of pulling power

Postpullers design and manufacture a range of machines for the easy removal of all kinds of posts-from fence posts to rugby pitch posts, motorway barrier posts to gate posts.
The Postpuller can effortlessly remove concrete, wooden, and steel fence posts, including concrete footings up to 60cm wide in less than TWO minutes – and then simply wheel them away. There is no digging required.

Even broken posts are no problem with the special claw attachment.
Once the post has been removed you are left with a hole ready to accept a new post. Replacing a fence has never been easier.
Whilst the standard machines are fitted with a hand pump for versatility and manoeuvrability, other machines in the range include powered versions, which connect to a standard hydraulic power pack, so posts can be removed by simply operating a lever. Both versions have a powerful four tonnes of pulling power.
We have a range of specialist machines and attachments for specific purposes including;
• Rugby Post removal and re-instatement.
• A wider version with removable legs for wide footings and accessibility.
• Motorway barrier post removal.
• Stake post removal
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