Brush seed harvester

To meet the demands of supplying local provenance seed on sensitive sites, CDTS have now employ a Brush Seed Harvester. Seed can be collected from a local donor site that can then be processed, stored and ultimately sown onto a receptor site. The machine houses a counter – rotating brush that can be set to the height of the selected seed heads which are then brushed off and collected whilst being towed behind a quad or four wheel drive.
This method is particularly useful on environmentally sensitive sites where seed of the indigenous species needed to be used. One such site where CDTS have used their Brush Seed Harvester is the new A3 Tunnel at Hindhead. Where once the A3 dissected the Devil’s Punch Bowl, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a new tunnel has been engineered and the old road will be removed. CDTS have been collecting the indigenous grasses and heathers over the last two years and will be re-establishing the heathland above the tunnel once the new road is in use.
To ensure success, careful planning is essential from selecting a suitable donor site, carefully timed seed collection and storage, to preparation of the donor site and application of the seed.
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