‘Bread and butter’ to thieves…..excavator security

Probably because of their prevalence Mini Excavators are ‘bread and butter’ to the thieves. Not only are they much in demand – they are extremely portable. Lincmaster’s Plant Engineers considered this problem in depth and, in fact, have utilised the versatility of the Mini-Excavator in its own defence and come up with two solutions.
Firstly by immobilising the tracks using the Lincmaster Trackloks – one for rubber tracks and one for metal tracks. The Tracklok for rubber tracks even allows for the trailer, which transported the excavator, to be locked to the machine.
Or secondly the patented, permanently affixed and simple to use Boom-Lock, the Lincmaster Thief Stopper for Mini-Excavators, has proved to be effective in preventing theft EVEN WHEN the Mini has been ready loaded onto a trailer or low loader. These features are of great benefit particularly to the landscaping and Hire Industry.
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