BLEC Global …range of golf course, turfcare and landscaping equipment

BLEC Global Ltd supplies a wide range of golf course, turfcare and landscaping equipment. Specially-designed machinery for levelling, raking, grading, initial seeding, overseeding, decompacting and aeration.
From pedestrian to larger tractor-mounted machines for all sport, amenity and landscaping needs. Among the many established machines are the BLEC Multivator, the BLEC Laser Grader and a range of disc seeders and box rakes, both pedestrian and tractor-mounted. New machines include a close-spaced disc seeder for golf greens to be launched at Harrogate. For a full range of pitch construction, maintenance, landscaping and turfcare equipment.
The Company was founded in the UK back in 1986 by Gary & Sue Mumby, and is still run by both of them today. Gary Mumby’s background as a landscape contractor was invaluable, as the hands on experience allowed him to design and develop new innovative machinery in both the landscaping and turfcare sectors, and which is still continuing to this day.
All the machinery is well engineered and built for long life and reliability, and BLEC equipment has gained a good reputation from around the world.
BLEC are constantly designing and developing new innovative equipment for the future to add to their existing range of over 80 different models.
TEl + 44 (0)1778 346222
Mobile: + 44 (0)7860 489714

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