Avant mini loader ….Robin Tacchi Plants

Having obtained an Avant mini loader for his own private use, Paul Bacon immediately saw the potential of the machine as a self-drive hire tool and so in 2008 set-up Avant Hire Services based at his home near Attleborough in Norfolk.
One loader, a 630 model powered by an economical Kubota diesel engine developing 21 kW (28 hp), is currently on long-term hire to nearby Robin Tacchi Plants, a large wholesale nursery specialising in shrubs and herbaceous perennials. This company already runs a pair of older Avants equipped with forklift masts but needed another machine capable of accessing all the growing areas for order picking duties. This task involves the transportation of large wooden boxes across rutted and muddy ground, usually wet because of regular irrigation, but the 630 has tackled the conditions in its stride and is hence keeping plant orders on schedule.
Tel: 01953 714896.
sales@avanttecno.co.uk www.avanttecno.co.uk

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