Anti Puncture

MO Plant manufacture anti-puncture prevention tyre liners under the brand names of Thornguard, Thornguard Pro and Nailguard.
They produce liners to fit a large number of tyres ranging from 4” up to 38”.
Made from layers of rubber and tyre cord, the liners are specially designed to fit between the inside of the tyre tread and the tube. They require no specialist equipment to fit, do not wear out, cause no extra friction, and importantly resist the penetration of thorns, nails and other sharp objects.
As well as the improvement in downtime, and the reduced repair costs using the MoPlant liner there is a further gain, full tyre wear can be achieved where previous deflation damage causes reduced tyre life. Another advantage in using these tyre liners over other puncture preventions in the market place is that they are reusable, so when your tyre wears out, you can fit it into your replacement tyres.
Moplant offer many other options, e.g. foam filling, Kevlar belted tyres, solid tyres and semi pneumatic tyres. They also stock patches, glues, sealant & tyre fitting tools, as well as the ever popular tyre plugger kit, all ready for immediate despatch.
Tel: 01458 253300

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