WiFi irrigation !

Connects  with up to five local weather stations  Hydrawise can adjust your watering schedules automatically based on actual conditions.

It’s an ideal piece of kit that ticks all the boxes.

Key features:

Simple connection to clients home WiFi networkHWC-006 with iPhone

Up to 50% water saving compared to standard controllers.

 Access to comprehensive user logs and reports

 Use your mobile phone as a remote control

 Set up text or email flow alerts with optional pulse water meter

 Manage multiple controllers from a single contractor account.

 Visit www.hydrawise.com and sign up for a free trial of the software and app (no payment or card info needed) and have a play with the irrigation software which is amazingly easy to use but also provides many other features (The website also provides access to technical data for the controller range and water meters).

Tel: 01722 716 969


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