Power grinders

Danequip’s 13 & 15pp grinders use the tried and tested Kohler Command motors giving power and reliability.
They can be used for the most difficult jobs as they are fitted with a heavy duty air cleaner and an electric clutch which allows the cutter wheel to engage once the operator is ready to start – this also allows for the safe loading and unloading of the machine.
In spite of the increased power that will tame any task the machine can still access a 26″ opening using the 4″ wheels which can then be changed to 7″ wheels for greater stability and safety whilst grinding.
Every part of the machine’s design is robust and sturdy even down to the paint finish which is powder coated for protection and a lasting finish. Backed by in-house support, service and fully-equipped workshops, these machines will last and last whilst overcoming the most difficult tasks.
Tel: 01420 476248

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