The Eden Project – new robotic gardener

Popular visitor destination, the Eden Project, has added a new member to its horticultural team this spring.
Husqvarna Automower , a robotic lawnmower which works unassisted throughout the day and night, has been installed at the Cornwall site to maintain the grounds surrounding the famous iconic bubble-like Biomes.
Kevin Ashmore, Husqvarna Professional UK Manager said: “With sustainability at the heart of the Eden Project it was important that whatever solution we provided was as eco-friendly as possible and Husqvarna Automower  fits the bill.”
The  Automower  works via the installation of an electrical boundary wire around the desired cutting area. With a range of models capable of managing lawn sizes up to 5,000m² in any weather, It  can tackle even the most complex of lawns, including those with rough terrain and slopes up to 45%. For areas above 5,000m² more than one machine can be used to increase area coverage.

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