Tested to the edge!

Ecofield run three tracked Norcar A75’s from it’s base next to The National Arboretum at Westonbirt in Gloucestershire.
The investment in the tracked version of the 45hp articulated mini-loader has meant they have  been able to successfully deliver solar farm deer fencing contracts over the winter.
They have a Bryce Suma HD1 post driver with a 400kg drop weight mounted on the first ever tracked A75 allowing them to drive 12 foot 8 inch strainers and gate posts without a problem whilst a second tracked A75 is set up with a Quick Fencer with deer netting attachment to  can carry 2 x 100m rolls whilst unrolling and tensioning the primary roll.
A third tracked A75 is set up with pallet forks and a 4 in 1 bucket for materials handling and any ground works needed. They also run a dynaset compressor with air stapler off the rear hydraulic services so stapling the netting takes a fraction of the time of hand nailing. This set up enables them  to complete around 500m of deer fencing a day when conditions allow.
They have tested the Norcars to the edge of their ability and they have exceeded  expectation in terms of what they can drive through and how they handle loads of around 1000kg through mud which is regularly over the tracks.
They  have got through mud that tracked skidsteers could not cope with because their track profile is less aggressive and they are still only two wheel drive rather than the permanent 4wd with locking differentials that the Norcar benefits from.
Attachments make the machine much more valuable as an asset because it can do so many types of tasks. As well as the fencing kit they  have an earth auger, cultivator, flail mower, tree shear and various grabs plus disc harrows and a side shift back hoe with 2.5m dig depth on order.
This means they  can keep the machines working throughout the year not just completing the hedge, tree, cultivation and seeding on solar farms but in other sectors such as small scale forestry, conservation, estate maintenance and ground works.


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